Requirements Training

Enjoy learning the latest Requirements Definition and Management (RDM) best practices from IAG’s Senior Business Analysis Consultants.
Full of practical insights from their real-world project experiences, our classes are different than traditional academic courses. These courses are tailored to traditional, lean or agile environments so they will give you precisely the skills and techniques you need to be effective in your role — as a Business Analyst, Project Manager, Scrum Master or Agile team member. 

IAG’s curriculum of RDM courses teach a practical set of requirements definition and management best practices, but more importantly, how to apply them. Participants learn specific steps to follow, questions to ask and methods for analyzing, modeling, and documenting the requirements. The instructors explain, demonstrate, and provide real-world examples. Then the participants are given an opportunity to practice the techniques and receive feedback and further examples.

All our courses are extremely results-oriented. Instructors are seasoned consultants with years of project experience. It is usual and expected that participants apply the techniques and practices immediately when they return to the office.


Coaching & Mentoring Services

IAG Consulting offers remote and onsite programs to assist Analysts to apply the skills they have learned in the Requirements Discovery Process.  IAG strives to provide the highest quality coaching, mentoring and support services to our customers as they pursue efforts to apply software engineering best practices and develop internal expertise and competency.


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