About Our Services

IAG Consulting has provided Business Architecture, Requirements Definition & Management, and Business Analysis Services on more than 1500 projects worldwide and has developed a unique and systematic approach to deliver superior results on software and systems projects. Our approach is based on well known industry standards and years of practical application.

IAG specializes in enterprise business architecture and software requirements analysis. IAG’s Senior Consultants provide services using industry standards from IIBA® BABOK®, the BIZBOK™, IEEE, and Best Requirements Practices™ to rapidly define and manage your business requirements and architecture, and help you achieve project and business success.

IAG’s team of the industry’s best Senior Consultants provides a wide variety of services related to enterprise business architecture, and requirements definition and management.

IAG uses extremely practical and effective methods that have been developed through hundreds of project engagements with organizations across North America.


The approach we apply on all of our services is based on well known industry standards and best practices. And we are known for the practical application of these methods to deliver superior results that meet the specific needs of our clients’ IT projects.


IAG has provided business architecture and requirements services on more than 1500 projects worldwide. Put our expertise to work for you today!

Coaching & Advisory Engagements

Engage experienced IAG coaches for advisory services and transformation programs to help realize your goals for your agile, RDM, BA, EBA, and PPM practices.


Delivery Assistance & Leadership

Our Senior IAG Consultants assigned to specific projects for immediate results.

Audit & Review Engagements

Assessments, reviews, and audits of your processes, practices, projects, organization, and software.



Applied courses and workshops taught by practicing industry experts.


Rates and Terms

IAG’s professional services are performed on a standard per diem per consultant basis. Reasonable expenses and approved travel, accommodation, meals and sundries are charged back to the client.

IAG always uses its best efforts to complete the described tasks in as economical a manner as possible and to minimize charges incurred for travel and expenses to the maximum extent possible. The Client is only ever billed for services actually performed and for expenses actually incurred.

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