Agile Business Analysis

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In this two-day online workshop, participants will learn and practice effective business analysis techniques that can be applied in an Agile environment. This course explores the role and responsibilities of an Agile Business Analyst and equips them with the essential skills to be successful on Agile projects. Participants will relate the values and principles of various agile frameworks to understand how they can contribute value. This is a practical course that explains how a Business Analyst can support a Product Owner, Scrum Master, the Agile Team and their clients from the inception of a business or product idea through the formulation of its vision, the discovery of its capabilities and features, the articulation of the epics and user stories, and the prioritization, refinement, and management of the backlog items.

Incorporating lean and agile concepts and methods from Scrum, SAFe, the Agile Project Framework, and with insights from experts like Jeff Patton, Mike Cohn, Dean Leffingwell and others, this course is agile agnostic and ideally suited for those working in any of those environments – or others. Business Analysts working with tools like Jira, CA Agile (Rally), Planview (Innotas), IBM, VersionOne, Daptive (ChangePoint), Clarity, PowerSteering, Enterprise Architect or Targetprocess will also find this course extremely valuable by learning the best practices these tools require. Private online training workshops can also be tailored to your toolset and needs.

While this course can be taught onsite with face-to-face live instruction, the class has been optimized for online learning with various collaboration tools and using IAG’s Collaborative Online Learning Model which emphasizes engagement and experiential learning with lots of video, group discussion, and exercises to make your time with us fun and productive.

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Business Analysis, Lean-Agile


Business Analysts, Project Managers, Program Managers, Portfolio Managers, Project Team Members, Business Architects, Enterprise Architects, Agile Team Members, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Business Managers

Credits Offered


Delivery Method

In-class, Live Online


14 Hours (2 Days x 9am-5pm (ET))




Public or Private

Vendor / Product Line


Course Outline


  • Lean and Agile Concepts for Business Analysis
  • Lean Business Analysis Values and Principles
  • Agile Business Analysis Values and Principles
  • The Role of the Lean-Agile BA
  • The Lean-Agile Approach to Requirements

Starting with a Vision

  • The Product Visioning Discovery Canvas
  • The Product Vision Box
  • Facilitated Visioning Workshops
  • Ensuring Strategic Alignment

Building the Product Backlog

  • Contextual Modeling
  • Visualizing the Product with Story Mapping
  • Starting with a Backbone and Walking Skeleton
  • Using Use Cases to Discover User Stories
  • The Use Case Discovery Canvas
  • Steps to Elicit and Describe a Use Case
  • Use Case Exercise
  • Story Mapping Exercise
  • The Product Backlog

User Stories: The Canvas (Card), Conversation, and Confirmation

  • What Makes a Good User Story?
  • The Definition of Ready
  • Writing User Stories
  • The User Story Discovery Canvas
  • User Story Canvas Exercise
  • Acceptance Criteria
  • Using Use Cases to Describe User Stories & Discover AC
  • User Story Conversation Exercise
  • Splitting Stories
  • Sizing User Stories with Planning Poker
  • Prioritizing User Stories
  • Including Non-Functional Requirements
  • Other Business Analysis Models
  • Business Analyst’s Role in a Sprint

Wrap up

  • Transitioning to Agile Business Analysis
  • Developing you Personalized Roadmap to Success
  • Q&A, Review and Close

This course material is continuously improved. Content and agenda may vary slightly from above. Contact us if you want to confirm any specific topics.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of a Business Analyst in an agile environment: from inception through sprints
  • Learn agile business analysis techniques applicable in different agile environments (Scrum, SAFe, Kanban, Agile Project Framework)
  • Discuss how to adapt and change to be an effective member of an agile team
  • Practice techniques in class — including Product Visioning, Story Mapping, Writing User Stories, Planning Poker, and Prioritizing using the collaborative visual modeling tool, Mural.
  • Gain a practical understanding of how a Business Analyst can effectively apply the concepts, principles and methods of agile frameworks

IAG Training Experience

Whether you are attending online or in person, in a public or a private in-house classroom, our courses are designed to provide an enjoyable, engaging and effective learning environment. Our instructors are all experienced practitioners and our courses all include demonstrations, examples, and exercises to make the content relevant and meaningful.

For our virtual remote training classes, we follow our proprietary Collaborative Online Learning Model which emphasizes engagement and experiential learning with lots of video and chat-based group discussion, and quizzes, and exercises to make your time with us fun and productive.

We use Microsoft Teams Meeting and Mural for our visual modeling demonstrations and group exercises. Participants also have access to the Teams site and Mural workplace for 60 days to review and download the many handouts, templates and examples from the class.

Participants receive a participant guide as well as access to our online class workspace for templates, handouts, samples and additional reference material.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is intended for business analysts, project leaders, product owners or agile team members performing business analysis tasks. This is not an introduction to agile, lean or scrum but provides in depth methods and techniques for agile business activities within a lean or agile project/environment.

Though there is no pre-requisite to this course, for foundational or intermediate coverage of fundamental business analysis skills we recommend our award winning BA Bootcamp, and for an excellent introduction to Agile, we recommend The Agile Project Framework.

For further coverage on related Business Analysis practices we suggest:

  •  Writing Use Cases
  •  Effective User Stories
  •  Data Modeling for Business Analysts
  • Process Modeling using BPMN
  • and others listed in our Business Analysis Curriculum

For those interested in becoming a certified AgileBA, we recommend taking AgileBA Foundation Certification Preparation and subsequently the AgileBA Practitioner Certification

Defining Product Requirements for Product Owners is a similar class to Lean-Agile Business Analysis. Given the significant overlap between the two courses we recommend taking one or the other (based on your learning objectives, role and course availability.) If you have already taken the Product Owner course, then this could (but would only) be appropriate as a refresher.

3 reviews for Agile Business Analysis

  1. Trevor B.

    Thank-you. Finally a decent Agile course for Business Analysts. This answered a lot of practical questions for me that I am going to take back to my org and hopefully work into our Scrum process.

  2. Amanda

    I enjoyed this course. It was all valuable information that I hope I can use in my daily responsibilities.

  3. Jay

    Really good course for BA’s and any Agile Team. Not just a rehash of Agile 101 basics. And excellent instructor too. I would love if all our BA’s (and our CSM’s) took this.

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