Application Portfolio Rationalization

Data-driven with Business Consensus

Remote Facilitation Expertise

Project, Requirements Discovery, Story Mapping,
Process Modeling, App Rationalization, etc..

Harmonizing Agility and Discipline

with Scaled Agile and Agile Project Frameworks

Improving Project Success

with agile, collaborative, requirements-driven practices

Business and IT Alignment

through business architecture practices

Ensuring Projects Meet Requirements

supporting effective program portfolio management

Improving Business Analysis & Requirements Maturity

with the IAG Requirements Maturity Model™

Requirements-driven and Architecturally-sound

IAG provides extremely productive services
that ensure systems, programs, and strategies actually meet the business need

traditional approaches that take too long and over-specify,
unstructured environments that are inconsistent and unreliable, and
immature modern approaches that may be insufficient and oversimplify the problem.

Why We’re Chosen

And Why We’re Called Back

Count on IAG to be productive

Our Productivity

We’re quick, agile, efficient and effective: just enough to do it right
Count on IAG to be consistent and reliable

Our Reliability

We use consistent processes and proven methods that ensure results meet expectations
Count on IAG to deliver quality results

Our Quality

best practices, attention to detail,
conformance to requirements,
necessary and sufficient

With IAG you get proven track record of success

Our Reputation

industry leadership,
customer appreciation,
results, respect

Industry Aligned

Industry Alliance: IIBA, PMI Institute, Info-Tech Research Group, Agile Alliance

Technology Partnerships

IAG partner in training with Adaptive US
IAG partner in enterprise architecture software with LeanIX
IAG partner in enterprise architecture software with Sparx

What makes us unique and so effective?


1. Unparalleled breadth of experience

from thousands of projects across industries, applications methodologies

2. Unrelenting focus on understanding and delivering to requirements

providing meaningful value in everything we do

3. Unequaled commitment to our clients

to their success and satisfaction

4. Unrivaled client base and success stories

over 500 organizations, 1500 projects and over 100,000 BAs and PMs.

5. Unsurpassed credibility and competence

in project program portfolio requirements management and business analysis

6. Incomparable efficiency, speed, and agility

in completing assignments on-time and on-budget

Who We Work With

An partial list of IAG's clients

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