Partners and Alliances

Software Partners

IAG Consulting’s software partners include the leading industry players in the area of requirements elicitation, documentation, management and the broader area of application lifecycle management. For clients, IAG Consulting is an advisor that can assist with tool selection and implementation, a reseller that can provide licenses, an expert user that can provide skilled resources on projects, and often a training partner that combines our ability to train analysts with detailed product-specific training curriculum.

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Industry Associations

IAG Consulting and its members have relationships with numerous industry associations including:

Services Partners

A number of organizations including management consulting companies, off-shore development companies, outsourcers, and specialized development firms have partnered with IAG to combine their service delivery capability with our capability to produce clear, accurate and complete requirements in a timely manner. Given that IAG is highly specialized – we only do requirements and architectural work – we have a high degree of synergy with a number of industry players.

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