Facilitating ‘Virtual’ Requirements Discovery Sessions Course


Virtual Workshop Facilitation Training for Agile Business Analysis Ceremonies and other BA modeling and elicitation activities


This a course on workshop facilitation specifically for Business Analysts, Project Managers, Agile team members and IT professionals — with special emphasis and addition content dealing with facilitating virtual or remote meetings. In this two (2) day class you learn from the IAG Consultant experts. We teach through examples, hands-on exercises, and role-playing. You will learn exactly how to manage and conduct virtual agile epic/story mapping workshops or requirements discovery sessions. And you will have the opportunity to apply and practice the process, the tools, and the techniques learned in our Agile Business Analysis and other BA courses.

This course is full of practical tips, checklists, principles and techniques to help capture, write and review requirements and related models. This session covers everything you need to conduct a requirements discovery session and capture appropriate documentation built on the principles and concepts of Best Requirements Practices™, The IAG Business Analysis Boot Camp, The Agile Project Framework, and IEEE’s Recommended Practices and Documentation Templates.

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Business Analysis, Lean-Agile


Business Analysts

Credits Offered


Delivery Method

In-class, Live Online


14 Hours (2-Days x 9am-5pm (ET))




Public or Private

Vendor / Product Line


Course Outline


Discovery Session Overview
  • Types of Workshops/Sessions
  • Requirements Discovery Session Skills
  • What is an Effective Facilitator
  • Documentation Skills
Preparing To Facilitate A Virtual Session
  • Meet with your Client
  • Meet with your Project Team
  • Schedule the Session
  • Arrange the Room
  • Be Grounded in the Process
  • Prepare Yourself
  • Practice
Starting the Session
  • Before the Meeting
  • Opening the Meeting
Facilitating the Meeting
  • Attributes of an Effective Facilitator
  • Conducting the On-line Meeting
  • Online visualization and collaboration tools
  • Requirements Elicitation and Modeling Practices
  • Steps and Questions to Success
  • Whiteboard Techniques
  • Keeping the Session on Track
  • Leading the Process
  • Dealing with Difficult Behaviors
  • Managing Group Dynamics
Recording, Modeling and Documenting
  • Real-time Documentation Tips
  • The 5 “C’s” of Quality Specifications
  • Packaging and Producing the Documentation
  • Closing the Meeting
Steps To Success
  • Seven Factors to Successful Facilitation
  • 10 Tips for Discovery Session Documentation
  • The ‘Top 10’ to Ensure Success

Learning Objectives

  • Facilitate a meeting to discover and describe use cases, process discussions, business rules and data requirements
  • Identify clients’ business needs easily, without needing to be a subject matter expert
  • Conduct fast and efficient analysis – maximizing the limited time and resources of the company
  • Identify true user requirements versus nice-to-have solutions
  • Deal with managers and users in their terms
  • How to capture use cases, process discussions, business rules and data requirements live during a requirements meeting
  • How to apply the seven factors to successful documenting — listening, capturing, writing, clarifying, organizing, suggesting & teamwork
  • How to write requirements specifications using proven and practical best practices—built on the framework and standards from IEEE, SEI’s Capability Maturity Model (CMMI), and the BA BOK
  • How to document using the five “C’s” to writing quality specifications — clear, concise, concrete, complete, consistent
  • Listen and document the requirements — capturing what was said, not what you heard

IAG Training Experience

Whether you are attending online or in person, in a public or a private in-house class, our courses are designed to provide an enjoyable, engaging and effective learning environment. Our instructors are all experienced practitioners and our courses all include demonstrations, examples, and exercises to make the content relevant and meaningful.

Participants receive a participant guide as well as access to our online class workspace for templates, handouts, samples and additional reference material.


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