IAG helps you build better systems, run better organizations, execute better strategies, and achieve better results by using requirements-driven business architecture and analysis best practices.

Established in 1997, IAG has over 40 senior consultants, has worked with a majority of the F1000 companies, trained over 100,000 professionals, and led 1,000’s of projects.

IAG provides consulting expertise, methodologies, standards and resources to the IT and business community in medium to large corporations and governments worldwide.

On any given week, there are talented members of the IAG team working on interesting IT and enterprise business architecture projects with our important clients around the world.

Our success is based on using top quality resources and proven, effective practices. Our people and our methods enable our clients to drive operational efficiency, modernize their systems, and optimize processes and capabilities for smarter decisions and even better results.

Our Mission

IAG provides world-class enterprise-wide requirements solutions to help clients achieve their business and software development objectives. We champion the position that: accurate and clear definition of true requirements is a key success factor in achieving superior IT delivery results.

The Gartner Group states, “A proven, effective, real world approach to Business Requirements Analysis is one of the most significant factors in ensuring the success of any system development project. A defined and consistent method that is easily learned and easily applied leads directly to increased IS productivity and reduced systems development and maintenance costs.“ IAG is committed to its leadership role in this domain and is a continuous improvement organization.

Values and Principles


IAG is focused on delivering customer satisfaction. We strive to make it easy for you to work with us. We are committed to the highest ethical and professional conduct and abide by a disciplined code of conduct.

Our guiding principle in the on-going development of our Best Requirements Practices™ has been to ensure that the process is simple, easy to understand, and easily applied by IT practitioners. The process needs to be meaningful and understandable and business centric so that our mutual business client is supported and successful.

In this pursuit of excellence, we rely on benchmarking, measurement, and a proactive approach to continually improve our processes and provide rapid, error-free delivery of our services and products at a competitive cost. Known for high quality implementations, IAG is unique in the depth of business knowledge and experience of its consultants.

Our Approach

On our engagements, IAG consultants use a consistent approach to requirements definition and management that is a key reason for our achieving superior work products and successful project and business outcomes for our clients.

The bottom line is faster results with higher quality and a better overall return on investment.

Our work activities follow the framework of IAG’s Requirements Discovery Process™, a flexible and extremely practical approach to requirements planning, elicitation, analysis and management. The approach utilizes industry best practices and is designed to be fully aligned with existing and emerging standards from organizations including IEEE, SEI and IIBA. This allows our work activities and work products to be easily integrated into any methods, standards tools and templates that our clients may be using to define, document and manage their requirements.

As a result of using the best methods and practices available in the industry today, our clients find IAG’s Best Requirements Practices™ to provide the most effective and pragmatic approach for business & systems analysis. And when integrated into an organization’s existing best practices, the result is a foundation for successful system development projects across the organization. These are proven, real-world best practices – not academic theories!

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