Frequently Asked Questions

About IAG Services

What methodology do you use?

Being in the industry as long as we have, we are familiar with almost every main development, change management, and architectural framework or methodology out there.

If there is a specific one you need us to use, just let us know.

If you are looking to implement or integrate one where you are, we can help there too.

With that, the focus of our services (and content in our training courses) is on getting results. And that is what we are known for. Consequently, we start by agreeing to expectations (in process and outcomes.)  These could be the techniques, tools, methods, templates, that are required or could be used. This BA/Requirements Management Plan or, in agile terms, your “definition of ready”, become the standards service levels for the engagement.

Can I request consultants with a specific business or technical subject-matter-expertise?

Given the nature of short/medium term engagements, our consultants have some of the broadest and varied experiences of any organization.  

However, if you are looking for a Business Analysis Consultant that also has an expertise in TripleDES Data Encryption, or Medical Device Regulatory Compliance, we are probably not your team.

We don’t send analysts (with their biases) to impose their views on your needs. We help you define yours.

We know Business Analysis. And we do it really well. Of course, we will make sure we start with a solid understanding of your business and product — to make sure we don’t waste your time. We know the questions to ask and business analysis methods to use to leverage your SME’s knowledge and ensure their needs are understood and meet.   

Why should I use IAG over hiring/using my own BAs?

Here are five reasons our clients tell us are reasons why they like using us:

  1. Responsive & Immediate (We can start as soon as next week) If you need someone quickly (to scope a project, prepare the requirements, write a business case or project charter, etc.) we can start often the next week.  As opposed to the hassles and bureaucracy of recruiting and hiring externally or seconding someone internally.
  2. The assurance of high-quality, experienced, senior BA Consultants. (Especially on critical projects) No need to train or qualify contract hires.  No need to risk a project with newer or less experienced staff.  
  3. To get better management/user involvement As one client said, “I hate to admit it, but it is frankly just so much easier to get our stakeholders to requirements meetings when they know we are paying external experts to facilitate them.”
  4. More cost effective than a new-hire or 12-month contract. Maybe you only need help on one project. Does it make sense to hire a permanent resource or long-term hire when a Senior IAG Consultant (even at a higher rate) can get the work done in weeks or months for less.
  5. Quick Turn-around Results (and less cost) Our general rule-of-thumb is that (for the reasons above), we can typically do in days what would ordinarily take weeks – or finish in weeks vs months, or months vs years.
Can you do the engagement remotely?

Absolutely. Even before COVID, we were running virtual meetings — for Requirements Discovery Sessions, Scoping Sessions, User Story Workshops, etc.

Whenever possible, we prefer face-to-face (especially to kick start work) but we recognize that isn’t always possible.

We have developed an expertise and the tools and techniques that make facilitating virtual engagements extremely effective (both results and cost-wise).

For a short demo, watch this one-minute video Virtual Discovery Sessions: YouTube

Accessing Free Website Resources

How do I watch an on-demand webcast webinar?
  1. First go to https://www.iag.biz/resources/by-type/on-demand-webinars/
  2. Select the webinar that interests you and click on it to open the page.
  3. Scroll down until you see the “Access Now” button and click it.
  4. A pop-up window will appear asking for contact details.  Complete the form and an email will be sent to you with a webinar link and password.
  5. If you do not receive IAG’s response email, please check your junk/spam folder.  If the password email is not in your junk/spam folder, it may be an internet/security settings issue on your device, please try a different device such as your phone.
  6. If the password does not work after being directed to the webinar through the email link, please try manually inputting the password.
  7. Contact us if you have further issues or would like more information.
I didn’t receive the download link or resource.

Please check your junk mail.  If you still can’t find it, send us an email referencing the resource you are requesting the and we will send you the file directly.

When I click/press to view the webinar from the email, nothing happens.

Contact us. Occasionally the API between WordPress and Vimeo, the service that streams the video, needs to be reauthenticated. This just needs to be reset by our administrator. Send us an email letting us know this and we will fix it for you.

The form doesn’t open to access a resource.

Contact us. Occasionally the API between WordPress and Salesforce, the service that provides the resource, needs to be reauthenticated. This just needs to be reset by our administrator. Send us an email letting us know this and we will fix it for you.

When I click Download Now, I get the error message: “This page has been blocked by Microsoft Edge”.

Check to see whether your tracking prevention is set to Strict?
If so, change it to Balanced.

  1. Click on the three dots menu
  2. Click on Settings.
  3. Click on Privacy, search, and services.
  4. Click on Balanced under Tracking Prevention.

Claiming Education Credits

Do IAG online and classroom courses and workshops qualify as CDU Activity with the IIBA®

Yes. All our courses (online or in-person) qualify for the Professional Development category.

In conformance with the IIBA® recertification handbook, all IAG Courses:

  1. Are related to business analysis as per the BABOK guide,
  2. Are moderated and facilitated formal courses
  3. Have specific and measurable learning objectives (published on the website, included in the participant materials and available on request if audited)
  4. Provide lots of opportunity to interact with the material and instructors and make it meaningful (e.g., through questions, discussions, online chat, and online collaboration tools.)
  5. Provide opportunity to practice skills taught during the class. (e.g., through exercises, role plays, case studies, and structured online collaboration activities)

Note: The provider category is “Other Education Providers”

How do I submit CDUs to IIBA?

CDU activity is entered, reported, and tracked online in your IIBA account. The IIBA® has instructions on their website regarding how to log your hours of CDU activity.

For IAG courses, select the “Professional Development” category and “Other Education Providers” provider.

For On-demand Webcast Webinars, select “Self-Directed Learning”.

How do I submit PDUs to PMI?

To report your IAG PDUs to PMI:

  1. Log onto pmi.org PMI Login
  2. Navigate to https://ccrs.pmi.org/claim
  3. Select “Course or Training” or “Online or Digital Media” as appropriate
  4. Type in exactly the following into the Provider name textbox: “IAG-Consulting
    • Do not select or accept the default “IAG Consulting” provider name option from the dropdown menu as this will suggest outdated IAG PDU identifiers that are no longer valid.
  5. Manually enter the appropriate webinar/course name and the Talent Triangle PDU values for the item your reporting
    • Important Note: Do not select or accept any default webinar/course from the dropdown menu. Unfortunately, the drop-down menu may suggest outdated options of expired IAG PDU identifiers that are no longer valid.
Can I get a certificate or receipt for a course to submit it for certification/recertification?

We only provide certificates for completion of paid courses.

Most organizations including the Project Management Institute and the IIBA do not require a certificate or receipt. However, if you are being audited and require supporting documentation of other activities, contact us and forward the request from the auditor and we will send you proof of completion.

Booking/Ordering Courses

Do you offer any discounts?

Depending on quantities, timing and your affiliation, you may possibly be eligible for discounts on some products.

  1. Early-Bird Discounts. If you book early enough for some of our public classes, you may benefit from early-bird rates. No coupon is required. If the Early-bird rate applies it will be published. If the date of expiry is not published, it is usually available up-to 30-days prior to the start of the class.
  2. Volume Discounts. Contact us if you have multiple individuals interested in taking a class. A volume discount may apply or it may make financial and logistical sense to hold a private class.
  3. Affiliate Discounts. If you are a veteran, student, independent contractor, unemployed, or a citizen of some developing countries, you may qualify for a discount. You will have to formally attest to belonging to one of these groups and may be subject to verification, but IAG has a proud history of supporting various groups and individuals in the personal and professional development.
  4. Special Promotional Discount Codes. From time to time, we may hold other special promotions. (For example to followers on LinkedIn) in these cases you will apply a coupon code at checkout to receive the discount.
When does the early-bird pricing end?

The early bird pricing ends at the end of the month prior to the training course or workshop.

I want to register for someone else (e.g., one of my employees). How do I do that?

In the comments, when you place the order, provide the participant’s name and email address.

How do I register a group of participants?

When you place the order online you can select any quantity. And in the comments, just provide the name and email address of each of the participants.

About IAG Training Courses

How is the online training conducted?

The courses and workshops are conducted online using Microsoft Teams or Zoom as well as Mural. The training is led by an experienced IAG consultant. Participants have many opportunities to participate in various team activities, online discussion and exercises.

What material and resources do I get to keep (download)?

All the materials provided in the workshops/classes are yours to keep.

Will these courses lead to (CBAP, CCBA, ECBA, PBA, ACP, AAC…) certification?

IAG partners with Adaptive US to provide certification exam preparation course for IIBA certification.

IAG’s other professional development courses are not specifically exam preparation style courses but can help you. These courses will help you with the knowledge needed to achieve your certification – and be an effective Business Analyst.

Given the practical orientation to the training material – with the examples, demonstrations, exercises, and explanations from practicing BA consultants as your instructor, we believe this type of training will give you added preparation to successfully pass your certification exam by giving you the context around the concepts as well as the guidance and practice of applying the methods.

Is your business analysis training aligned to IIBA’s® BABOK®?


Are the courses eligible for PDUs/ CDUs / SEU’s

Yes, typically on a 1 hour per unit basis.

  • Scrum Education Units® (SEU®) are required by the Scrum Alliance for CSM and other certification renewals.
  • Professional Development units (PDU®) are required by the PMI for PMP, PBA and other certification renewals.
  • CDU’s are required by the IIBA® for CBAP® and CCBA®.

Attending Course Classes

Do I need a camera and microphone?

Yes. We require that the participants have cameras and microphones to be able to participate fully. Collaboration with the instructor, group exercises and interactive demonstrations are key to the learning experience.

What if I miss part of a class? How can I review the missed portion of the training?

While we highly encourage attendance to all the training sessions, we completely understand that there may be situations, where you may have to skip a session. To help you with such situations, we record each training session. These recordings are posted on the class portal immediately after the session is over. You may go and replay the entire session at your convenience. Also, on the class portal, you can call, chat with, or email the instructor if you have any questions.

Will there be any assignments? How much homework is there?

Most of our classes have some pre-reading to familiarize you with some of the key concepts required to understand and participate in the course. Expect about one hour of preparation, reading prior to the class. Additionally, on multi-day courses, the instructor may suggest additional reading and assign exercises to complete before the next class. These will take no longer than one hour and often less. For you to get the most out of this course, we highly recommend that you participate as much as possible during the class and with the assignments and reading.

How long do I have access to the class portal?

You will have access to the class Teams site, including all training sessions, for up to one year from the course completion date.

Email and Subscription Issues

How do I remove myself from your email list?

The easiest and fastest way is to click the subscribe button at the bottom (footer) of almost every page of our website.

I am still receiving emails even though I have requested to be removed. Can you please remove me.

Yes absolutely. We apologize. Sometimes this may take time to be processed, or possibly you were removed from some but not all lists.  Just contact us and we will make this right.


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