Audit & Review

RM Maturity Assessment

Our 50-point RMMA™ will provide a detailed assessment of your requirements practice.

EBA Maturity Assessment

A one-week readiness and maturity assessment for Enterprise Business Architecture.


PPM Assessments

A set of quick and easy diagnostic exercises score-carding aspects of PPM, assessing gaps and providing road maps for recommended actions to improve PPM practices.


Project Portfolio Audit

Evaluation of planned projects and programs alignment against business architecture and objectives.


Application Portfolio Assessment

A statistical program providing feedback on application performance, risk, alignment, and satisfaction.


Application Portfolio Audit

A business architecture driven review of your application portfolio to support your APM decisioning.


Capability Heat Mapping Assessment

An insightful analysis and of an organization’s capabilities using Business Architecture modeling techniques.


Vendor Software Scorecard Assessment

IAG uses a formal evaluation methodology to support or drive software selection.


BA Competency Assessment

Standardized tests and exercises to provide an independent review of your Business Analysts’ competencies.

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