EBA Maturity

Have you implemented a practice already? Where are you in the maturity curve? Are you thinking about implementing a practice?

IAG has developed a Business Architecture Maturity Model based on Enterprise Architecture and Business Architecture best practices and bodies of knowledge and on IAG’s Maturity Model Framework.  This assessment is a short intensive engagement to determine your organization’s level of maturity in its Business Architecture practice. Based on the assessment and your organizational readiness and priorities, we will provide a review of your business architecture capabilities and a plan for improving the maturity of your a Business Architecture Practice covering processes, deliverables, competencies, metrics and tools.

IAG will conduct interviews and behavioral questionnaires with key stakeholders and review current practices, models and experiences. Within a week, we will prepare an analytical report and maturity plan. This report will include targeted recommendations based on the assessed and target maturity level which can be used as your roadmap for success and performance metrics.


1 to 2 days (on-site or video-conferenced), one week to prepare report


Interviews, Testing and Questionnaires


Executive Stakeholder, Project Sponsors or representatives, Business Architects, End Users, Project Managers, Application Development Managers, Business and Systems Analysts


Business Architecture Maturity Assessment Report

The detailed report provides you with insights about:


Your standing against industry norms and realistic benchmarks.


Identification of organizational and individual gaps in business architecture knowledge, skills and abilities.


Commentary on the maturity of your Business Architecture methodology, staff, practices, tools, and organization.


Suggestions for an action plan to meet your objectives.

This analysis will start you on a targeted and prioritized initiative to:


Improve strategic alignment to business outcomes and minimize deployment risk.


Enhance the skills of your Business Architecture.


Improve stakeholder engagement and relationships.


Deploy a standardized, defined, repeatable and managed business architecture framework and design process.

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