Business Case Templates (Set 1)

Download these outlines of various business case templates to see the different sections and components used in different organizations and methodologies.  Business cases have many flavors and styles. At IAG we use the acronym TFSVD to describe the various forms a model or template like a business case might take. It stands for type, focus, style, visibility, and level of detail. What form or style of business case you need depends on its purpose and and organizational guidelines, standards or requirements you may need to comply with. Provided for comparison and to assist you in developing a template that meets you needs, this first package in a series shows the different forms and styles from organizations like Scaled Agile, PRINCE2, Info-Tech, DSDM, and others. Most of these are publicly available for download. On IAG engagements we might use these or variations of them as might be determined by the client’s needs and framework being used.

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