StereoLOGIC: Enterprise Discovery Suite

Key Features

  •  Discovery & Visualization
  •  While users work with business applications, the related business process are automatically extracted and visualized in the Business Process Editor. The revealed business processes can be simulated, validated and changed in real time.
  •  Web 2.0 Collaboration
  •  Multiple users can discover multiple business processes simultaneously while effectively communicating with each other in a Web 2.0 environment.
  •  Performance Visibility
  •  The embedded Dashboard displays performance information about all users and the processes they are working on in real time.
  •  Documentation & Integration
  •  The discovered business processes are published in standard documentation formats as well as exported into Microsoft® Visio® and IBM® WebSphere® Business Modeler for further improvement and transformation.
  •  Process AND Data Flow Logic
  •  Discovery captures BOTH process and information flow.  The system uses Semantic recognition to determine what data is being captured or manipulated on each user interface and present analysts with a rich information model.

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