StereoLOGIC: Enterprise Discovery Suite


  •  Discover ‘Tribal’ Behavior
  •  How do stakeholders ‘really’ use an application.  Don’t just ask what people do, have a system ‘look over their shoulder’.Improve documentation accuracy and remove rework.
  •  Capture Knowledge of Legacy Applications at a Far Lower Cost
  •  Implementing Discovery is like having a non-intrusive business analyst sitting behind every business user of an application.  Screen sequences can be quickly assembled into a hierarchy of processes, use cases and activities to extract the higher level business logic of an application.  This overall work-process flow can be easily missed in legacy modernization.Eliminate multiple discussions and miscommunications that are disruptive to the business .
  •  ‘Self Updating’ Documentation
  •  StereoLOGIC continuously monitors user interactions with an application and looks for changes.  As changes are identified, the system prompts analysts to determine if changed screens are ‘new’ flows in the application logic, or changes to the existing system. Extract, map and visualize “AS-IS” process in real time.
  •  Easy to Get Started
  •  In a matter of weeks, blueprints can be made of very complex applications.Discovery can be installed and rolled-out quickly and with minimal disruption to the business.
  •  Benchmark Process Efficiency
  •  Discovery helps analysts find the process steps that take too long and helps the business identify optimization opportunities
  •  Easy to Maintain
  •  Discovery uses BPMN modeling, so it is easy to find staff that are familiar with this universal standard for process modeling and get people ramp-up up to maintain the system.

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