StereoLOGIC: Enterprise Discovery Suite

StereoLOGIC Discovery Analyst – the first Automated Business Process Discovery solution on the market:

  • automatically extracts business processes from business applications in real time,
  • speeds the creation of high quality models with powerful visualization and comparison capabilities,
  • facilitates focused stakeholder collaboration in validating and extending models and,
  • integrates seamlessly with other BPMN-enabled tools used to increase your business agility

StereoLOGIC’s software monitors actual business user activities while working with business applications, detects business processes and visualizes them in standard BPMN format, which allows analysts and stakeholders to streamline process transformation and improvement.  The output can be integrated with the customer’s BPM and ERP software to further facilitate process transofrmation.

StereoLOGIC Discovery Analyst saves up to 85% of discovery project time and 30% of the project cost.

Current Version Discovery
Standard Retail Price Contact IAG
Types of Licenses Both local installation of the software and SAAS versions of the software exist to accomodate clients that wish to continuously monitor, or use the software on a short-term project basis.
How to order Contact IAG at 800.209.3616
Benefits of ordering with IAG • Local North American Point of Contact
• Expertise in business requirements and process elicitation and documentation
• Local Currency (USD or CDN$)
• Expertise in large projects
• Available implementation and consulting support
• Available on-site training

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