Our Project Portfolio Management Assessment Program is designed to help assess and improve an organization’s PPM practices. IAG uses a set of diagnostic tools that can quickly and easily gather and report on all aspects of your PPM environment in order to understand where you stand and how you can improve.

Audience: Portfolio owner or head of the Project Management Office

Step 1: Preliminary Assessment

Take a short single questionnaire and receive a high-impact initial assessment of the current state of your PPM practices across 24 key PPM capabilities.

Step 2: PPM Assessment Survey and Review

Expand the review to obtain feedback from the broader PPM team to more fully understand your current strengths and weaknesses, and receive recommendations for prioritized high value actions to optimize your PPM practices.

STEP 3: PPM Customer Satisfaction Survey and Report

Attain and understand the perspective and level of satisfaction of your customers. Receive a PPM Customer Satisfaction Report to help maintain clear and open communication, manage expectations, and define customer roles and involvement.

Step 4: In-depth PPM Assessment

We will conduct a thorough review of your Project Portfolio Management practices to provide a strategic roadmap and tactical insights for improvement and optimization.

Customer Satisfaction Report

Optional Step 3: A survey and report on the perspective of your customers
  • How is your PMO and PPM operations perceived? Is Project Portfolio Management viewed as a business roadblock or business enabler?
  • Project Portfolio Management works best when it is closely aligned with business goals and needs. Knowing where you stand with your project customers is important for maintaining clear and open communication, managing expectations, and defining customer roles and involvement throughout the process. Use this report to understand how well you are achieving these goals and to identify areas for improvement.
  • Business Satisfaction with Project Portfolio Management

  • Explore differences in perception between project customers and portfolio owners
  • Identify opportunities to improve communication and understanding
  • Understand business satisfaction with PPM practices by department within your organization and by PPM area
  • Report and Review

  • After completing the survey of selected PPM clients, you will receive a customized visual report that provides practical and prioritized advice based on your customer satisfaction results.
  • IAG will provide a written visual report and present and review the findings and recommendations in-person or Ina video-conference. The report and debrief presentation will explain scorecard ratings and recommendations in 24 PPM capabilities, covering four key PPM areas:
  • The report and in-person (or video-conferenced) debrief presentation will provide scores and analysis on a department-by-department level across each major report area:
  • -Project Delivery
  • -Project Management
  • -Customer Management
  • -Project Cancellation
  • -Alignment
  • Each section provides the context for your customer satisfaction scores and recommended action items, communicating why these measurements matter and which are most important for you to address.

In-depth Assessment

Step 4: A thorough review of your Project Portfolio Management practices
  • An experienced senior IAG PPM Consultant will conduct a thorough review of your Project Portfolio Management practices to provide a strategic roadmap and tactical insights for improvement and optimization.
  • This report provides an end-to-end diagnostic assessment of your PPM practices based on measurable and benchmarked data. This comprehensive, in-depth program will enable you to drive far-reaching improvement and optimization of your PPM practices – and measure success along the way.
  • Report and Review
  • Following the survey and selected focus group interviews, you will receive an in-depth written visual report. IAG will also conduct an in person, or video-conferenced debrief presentation to present and review the findings and recommendations.
  • The report will provide an in-depth analysis and review for each of the following PPM areas and subcategories:
  • -Portfolio Management Role
  • -PPM Governance
  • -Project Leadership
  • -PPM Administration
  • -Portfolio Management Process
  • -Project Intake Process
  • -Project Resourcing
  • -Portfolio Reporting
  • -Project Closure Process
  • -Organizational Structure
  • -Oversight
  • Each section provides the full context for your results by explains the significance of each evaluation criteria, showing your status in each area and subcategory, establishing the relative importance of the areas and subcategories, and delivering customized advice for your situation.
  • From this report and review, areas of perceived weakness and opportunities for improvement will be identified. You will receive high level insights to frame your understanding of various aspects of PPM in guide your actions and plans to remediate gaps in knowledge, alignment, and expectations, and optimize your PPM practices.

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