Getting Small Projects Done, Efficiently

Small IT projects are lighter and usually don’t require the comprehensive Requirements Definition & Management of the larger projects. But don’t make the mistake of skipping the requirements altogether!

Requirements in a Week

Clearly and accurately define all business and software requirements for your small project in just one week!

Gaining a solid understanding of the business needs can make or break a small project, but it doesn’t have to take a long time. Using a proven process, standardized deliverables, and Best Requirements Practices, IAG’s Requirements Architects will uncover that understanding quickly and painlessly. In only one week your small project will be fully defined, documented, and ready to build.

IAG Consulting’s process has been applied successfully to over 1,300 projects and consistently achieves excellent results. After just one week it will be easy to see why our approach is so valuable.


How It Works

One Senior Consultant acts as the facilitator, guiding subject matter experts through the requirements discovery phase. Applying Best Requirements Practices™, IAG’s Consultants:

  • Lead the session through practical questioning and analysis techniques
  • Manage group dynamics, keeping the participants focused and on track

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