Realistic Project Scoping Course


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A live online instructor-led course held over three mornings on the subject of discovering and describing the scope of a project.

Business Analysts and Projects Managers are often pressured and challenged to obtain a strong foundational understanding of the scope of a project that is sufficient enough to enable effective planning or portfolio analysis or to start the project, while not getting too detailed — and often with little time and subject matter resources available.

Knowing the methods, best practices, and techniques to quickly and easily elicit or validate the vision, objectives and scope of a project can be an invaluable skill.

In agile environments, the scope is variable and will change through sprints and refinements to the product backlog, but an initial understanding of the boundaries of the product and main prioritized features that make up the minimum viable product is critical to an effective agile project.

With IAG’s Live Virtual Training, you get to learn from our leading experts on business analysis, requirements and architecture with the convenience and cost effectiveness of being online. From IAG’s state-of-the-art telepresence facilities, our instructors provide an interactive, video and web-based experience that puts you right in the classroom but with the convenience of being online!

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Business Analysis, PPM


Business Analysts, Project Managers, Program Managers, Portfolio Managers, Project Team Members, Business Architects, Enterprise Architects, Agile Team Members, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Business Managers

Credits Offered


Delivery Method

In-class, Live Online


3 days x 3 hours (9am to 12pm EST)


Foundational, Intermediate


Public or Private

Vendor / Product Line


Learning Objectives

  • How to use the right techniques, models, steps and questions appropriate for defining the scope at the early stage of project, program, portfolio planning.
  • What methods are best for modeling and determining the vision and scope for a particular project.
  • How a strong vision statement helps to define and validate the scope of he project.
  • Understand the OMG Business Motivation Model to describe the goals and objectives.
  • How to appropriately use techniques like context diagramming, process mapping and story mapping at a high-level.
  • How to work directly and interactively with business stakeholders in defining the project’s scope.
  • Methods to conduct fast and efficient analysis.
  • How to apply industry best practices for discovering, describing and documenting vision and scope for various projects (new development, maintenance and package) and in various environments (lean, agile, iterative, incremental, and waterfall.)
  • What is needed in a Vision and Scope document (with template provided.)​

IAG Training Experience

Whether you are attending online or in person, in a public or a private in-house class, our courses are designed to provide an enjoyable, engaging and effective learning environment. Our instructors are all experienced practitioners and our courses all include demonstrations, examples, and exercises to make the content relevant and meaningful.

Participants receive a participant guide as well as access to our online class workspace for templates, handouts, samples and additional reference material.


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