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Upcoming PM /PO Training
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BA Skills Training

Three 4-hour classes over three days covering the essential business analysis techniques a Product Owner, Project Manager, or team member should know.

Taught in easily consumable one-hour modules, participants learn, see demonstrated, and get hands-on experience, with key practices such as Visioning and Scoping, Context Diagramming, User Stories, Story Mapping, Use Cases, Data Modeling, Process Modeling, and much more.  Workshop participants will receive a variety of templates to use on-the-job along with examples, checklists, and other resources available on the class portal.  

Two senior IAG Consultants lead the classes to give a unique online experience that is interactive and hands-on  — where participants work together on IAG’s Collaborative Learning platform involving group video discussions, breakout sessions, demonstrations, and exercises using visual team collaboration tools like Mural and others.

Effective User Stories

Participants learn the essential tips and best practices for discovering, mapping, writing, validating and verifying User Stories and their acceptance criteria. Workshop participants have access to a variety of templates, examples, checklists and resources on the class portal.

Also recommended is the one day Add-on Extension which covers refining and prioritizing the backlog and ensuring User Stories are ready for planning meetings (by creating and using their Definition of Ready).

Some pre-reading and casework is required before class so the in-class sessions can focus on group discussion of the topics and case exercises. The online class experience uses IAG’s Collaborative Learning platform where participants work together using techniques like Discovery Canvases to write, elaborate, refine and prioritize user stories and satisfy their Definition of Ready.

And Don’t Forget to Download Your Free Use Case Discovery Canvas™

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