Bring in an IAG consultant team to help kick-start your project. A professional requirements facilitator will lead a project scoping meeting with your key stakeholders to quickly define the necessary initial scope and requirements for the project.

Typical Engagement

Using industry best practices, these seasoned requirements consultants can lead the upfront analysis of the project / product objectives and produce the deliverables required to meet your initial project planning milestones.


2-5 days on average


1 Requirements Consulting Team


  1. 1 – 4 Hours
    Initial Meeting with Project Lead and Sponsor
  2. ½ day to 3 days
    Scoping Meeting with main Stakeholders
  3. ½ – 1 day
    Preparation of Scope/High-level Requirements Document
  4. ½ -1 day
    Preparation of Requirements Work Plan
  5. ½ -1 day
    Deliverable and Plan Review

Work Products

High-level Requirements Document

Project Charter

may be an input, output, or future deliverable

Requirements Work Plan

When does this service make sense?

You need to determine priority/funding on one or more undefined projects.
Project Charter has been completed/approved and high-level scope/requirements and initial requirements gathering strategy needs to be determined.
Project Charter needs to be written.
A complicated, cross-functional project needs to be scoped.
A project requires a professional outside facilitator to obtain consensus and agreement to a project’s scope before things go too far.

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