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The Enterprise Workhorse

This edition is designed for the large development team that requires fine-grained control in shared modeling environments.  

This is the EACORP standard, single user licence. For the multi-user floating licence see EACFLOAT.

The Corporate Edition is a comprehensive modeling solution that includes all the features of Professional version, with the added ability to use a variety of DBMS’s for shared model repositories. This edition supports a rich feature-set including model auditing, version control, role-based security, mind mapping, the option for a DBMS repository, MDG Technology creation and utilization, shared models, debug and visualization for running applications, baseline merge tools for managing concurrent users, and more. Automation interface access gives other applications the ability to create, access and modify Enterprise Architect UML elements. 

The ability to import and export XMI compliant models allows for data distribution and model comparison to established baselines. Rapid report generation in HTML and Rich Text Format, producing professional quality reports in seconds. Corporate Edition also supports user security, replication and user level locking of elements and diagrams. This comprehensive array of features makes it perfect for any large development team. 

Key Features

  • New to v14: CMMN, Decision and Model Notation – Modeling, Personal Daily Journal, SysML 1.5 – Modeling
  • All features in the Professional edition (Database Engineering, Debugging, creation of MDG Technology Applications, MDA, Project Replication and Model Sharing, Context Browser, Cloud Connectivity with FEAP Repositories, Diagram Inline Specification View, Metamodel Views, Model Guidance Patterns, NIEM 4, Program Memory Profiler, Team Library)
  • Advanced UML Modeling, Business Process Modeling, Mind Mapping, State Machine Diagrams, Requirements Management, report generation, report customization, test management, XMI import/export.
  • Ability to Share models/files across networks, in complex distributed developments, and in different DBMS based repositories, including Oracle 9i, 10g, and 11g, SQL Server, My SQL, PostGreSQL
  • Jscript,VBScript, JavaScript debugging
  • Baselining
  • Remote Access optimization capabilities
  • Project Calendaring and Task allocation
  • User/Role Based Security
  • TOGAF Gap Analysis
  • Audit model changes
  • Support for element discussions
  • Implementation of Reusable Assets Service
  • Simulation of Object Instances

This is a partial overview. For a detailed list, download this feature list.

Additional information

Vendor / Product Line


Product Type

Software License

License Type

Standard (fixed)


Linux, MacOS, Windows

Feature List

User Interface Customizable Layout, Toolbars and Menus, Charts, Dashboards, Matrix, Kanban, Hand Drawn, Element List (Tabular Editing), Shape Scripts/Customization
Modeling Tools UML, BPMN, Archimate, GML, ArcGIS, Mind Mapping, Kanban
Architectural Frameworks NIEM, SOMF
Model Compare/Baselining Baselines, Compare/Diff Utility, Gap Analysis, Version Control (CSB,TFS), Audit Model Changes
Requirements Management Custom Elements, Traceability, Versioning, Compare Utility
Sharing & Collaboration DBMS Support, Firebird Repository, Model Sharing, Model Replication, User Security, XMI Import/Export, Version Controls, Team Review, Element Discussions. Model Mail
Project Management Project Calendar, Email, Forum, Gantt, Project Tasks & Task Allocation, Kanban
IDE Integration Visual Studio, .NET, Eclipse
Code Engineering Java, .Net, WSDL Engineering, Code Reverse Engineering
Process Modeling BPMN Simulation, Business Process Modeling and Simulation
Business Rules n/a
MDA MDA Support
Reporting/Documentation PDF, HTML, and Rich Text Report Generation; WYSIWYG Template Editor, RTF Custom Reporting API , Specification Manager
UX Management Win32 User Interface Design, User Interface Simulation
Simulations Business Process Simulation, User Interface Simulation, Simulation of Object Instances,
Data Modeling Conceptual, Logical and Physical, DDL Generation and reverse engineering, NIEM
Testing Automatic Test Case Generation, Test Result Reporting
Reuse Reusable Assets Service
Scripting JScript, VBScript and Javascript Scripting & Debugging
Web Services WSDL Profile, WSDL-to-UML, XSD MDA Transforms
Systems Engineering n/a
Remote Access Cloud, WAN, WAN Optimizer, Lazy Load
Visual Execution Analysis Debug & Visualize Applications, Execution Analyzer Menu, Testpoints for VB.NET, Test Points
Search Metadata/Repository Advanced Search
Editing Spell Checker for RT
Integrations OMG XMI, Automation API
Repository Extensibility Profile Authoring Helpers, Profile/Metamodel Extensibility
Traceability Traceability Matricies, Traceability Trees, Matrix Overlays, Full Traceability of all standard and custom object types
Support Community of Practice, Call Center, Learning Center, Strong Help Capabilities
Import/Export OMG XMI, Complete repository or by package subset

New in V14

  • Context Browser
  • Cloud Connectivity with Firebird (feap) repositories
  • Diagram Discussions
  • Diagram Inline Specification View
  • Docked Property Windows (all major modeling components)
  • Interaction Flow Modeling Language (IFML)
  • Metamodel Views
  • Model Guidance Patterns
  • Model Pattern Library
  • NIEM 4
  • Perspectives
  • Program Memory Profiler
  • Program Stack Profiler
  • Roadmap Patterns & Profile
  • Team Library
  • Case Management (CMMN)
  • Decision and Model Notation (DMN) – Modeling
  • Personal Daily Journal
  • SysML 1.5 – Modeling

Important Licensing Information

Support Subscription

When you purchase Enterprise Architect you have access to new versions and builds of Enterprise Architect and email support for 12 months.
After this period has expired, you have the option to extend this support by purchasing a subscription renewal. A subscription renewal extends your support for an additional year.
Your license key will not expire, just your subscription. If you choose not to renew, you can continue to use your current version of Enterprise Architect, you just won’t be able to update it unless you renew.

Renewing Your Support Subscription

You will be emailed a renewal notice from both Sparx and IAG at the beginning of the month your subscription is due to expire. IAG is happy to process your renewal for you. There is no difference in the support subscription however you may receive preferred pricing from IAG. Please check our website and contact IAG for volume pricing.
Lapsed Support: Subscriptions that have lapsed for 3 or more years will not be eligible for subscription renewals and the user will need to purchase new licenses if they wish to use the latest version of Enterprise Architect.
Multi-Year Renewals: Customers can purchase up to five years of renewals in advance. This allows for easy budgeting and funding, as one transaction could last the entire lifetime of the project.

Standard vs Floating License

Each edition is available as either a Standard (fixed user) license or a Floating user license.

Standard license keys are registered directly to a user’s computer and are not removed again until the user needs to change computers. One standard license can be registered to both a work and laptop machine if both machines are used only by the same user.

Enterprise Architect software may also be purchased as a floating license. Floating licenses are suitable for companies who wish to automate the management of multiple registration keys. Floating license keys are administered in a single, centralized repository. The Sparx Systems Keystore Server provides this repository and administrative software to manage floating licenses. This is a free service provided with the purchase of floating licenses and can be downloaded from the registered user section of the Sparx website. The keys are entered into the server, which users then connect to and lease out license keys as needed. Once the user disconnects (i.e., shuts down Enterprise Architect), the key is automatically returned to the key store ready for the next user.


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