The complete collection of products from eaTeamWorks.
Includes eaDocX, eaRevisionManager, eaSheets, Model Expert, and Portfolio Manager

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eaTeamWorks® is the essential add-in for Sparx EA – a suite of powerful tools to improve your productivity, maintain model consistency, deliver effective collaboration, and create high-quality outputs.

IAG, as an authorized reseller, offers either this bundled suite of products or just the popular stand-alone eaDocX  smart Word document generator for Sparx Enterprise Architect. 

IAG clients (new and existing) receive attractive pricing, North American support, preferential treatment, and discounts on IAG’s Business Architecture, Modeling and Business Analysis professional services and training courses.

Deliver Productivity and Quality

eaTeamWorks helps your team with rapid editing and analysis tools, real time notifications and consistent standards, for fast, right first time modeling and streamlined model governance.

Discover New Insights

View your model in new ways, with meta-model diagrams, quantitative analysis, derived relationships, project dependencies and instant impact assessments.

Update with Interactive Outputs

Save time and simplify model updates, with document revisions direct into your model. Accelerate reviews and maintain control of your model.

Included in eaTeamWorks

  • eaDocX: The best selling EA extension – creating smarter documents faster from your Sparx models
  • eaSheets: Use the power of spreadsheets to expand the potential of your EA model
  • Model Expert: Discover the structure and content of your model, resolve errors, and provide real-time guidance to modelers
  • Revision Manager: Streamlining model updates direct from document reviews
  • Portfolio Manager: Real-time multi-project collaboration for Sparx Enterprise Architect

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Suite Features

eaTeamWorks® includes the the following products and their features below: eaDocX, eaRevisionManager, eaSheets, Model Expert, and Portfolio Manager

eaDocX – The smart Word document generator

Easily create great documents from Enterprise Architect models, with flexible styling options for documents that deliver.

  • Easy to use – No need for scripting or EA document specialists. eaDocX makes it easy to choose exactly the EA content you need and specify the level of detail that your readers demand.
  • Flexible styling – Tight integration with Word brings power and flexibility to document formatting – so you can print what you want, how you want, and all through a familiar user interface.
  • Documents that deliver — eaDocX documents give your readers up-to-date information, how they like it, whenever they need it. And with easy model updates direct from documents, eaDocX delivers for your business.
ea Revision Manager – Document Review, Collaboration, and Model Update

Revision Manager is the extension for eaDocX which makes it easy to save model updates directly from your documents. It’s the fast and accurate way to manage generated documents and your model together, by closing the loop from model to document to model.

Including reviewer feedback from Word documents into your EA model has never been easier. Review your EA model online – using Word documents. eaDocX Revision Manager combines your stakeholder feedback and shows you all the proposed revisions grouped together and in context in the model. The eaDocX Revision Manager pulls together all the comments and revisions on all the various copies of the same document (from copies sent to individual reviewers, or from Microsoft Teams or SharePoint reviews. Then it’s simple and fast to approve the updates and save the changes directly back into the correct elements and attributes in your EA model.

  • Easily update models – Collect, select, and apply every review response directly into EA.
  • Review documents from overlapping EA content – Combine updates to your model from different documents
  • Full document versioning, history and approvals traceability
  • Streamline stakeholder guided reviews – Collect feedback in general, or guide reviewers to provide specific inputs
  • Integration with Teams, SharePoint and Dropbox
  • Built-In EA traceability – An audit trail for the changes you have made
eaSheets – The spreadsheet interface for EA

eaSheets lets you use the power of a spreadsheet to import, edit, and export data from your EA model. Add, view, and change model data quickly and easily across large numbers of elements.

  • Copy and Paste your data into EA –Quickly add large numbers of elements and get on with the work of making your model connected.
  • Verify your data – Quickly check large groups of elements, use conditional formatting to better see your work and edit the information in the sheet.
  • Utilize spreadsheet tools – Calculate, copy, order, and organize elements with a few clicks to get a new view into your model.
Model Expert  –  The Model Quality Management Tool for Sparx Enterprise Architect

Model Expert transforms the quality of your models by helping you to identify, find and fix problems, and then delivers in-tool support for right-first-time modelling.

  • Use dashboard and class diagram views to explore your model so that you can discover the structure and content of your model and navigate to specific items that need a closer look.
  • Use the built in tools to resolve errors, remove duplications and identify and complete packages and elements which have missing data – all in the context of your defined modelling standards.
  • Embed standards and rules in your model to provide real-time guidance to modelers – reducing costly errors and delivering best practice to your modelling team.


Portfolio Manager  –   the Sparx EA Version Control Extension for Real-time Multi-project Collaboration

Portfolio Manager lets you create and run several projects at the same time in the same model, giving everyone early visibility of potential issues so they can be easily resolved. It is a light touch approach to multiple project version control, identifying dependencies and revealing the impact of changes in real-time.

  • Real-time modelling insights – Portfolio Manager highlights where your project changes are overlapping with other projects – if elements have been branched, or elements and connectors are scheduled for deletion.
  • Element roadmaps – With all project teams working in the same model, model managers can have a single view of all proposed and planned changes for each element, and who is responsible for them.
  • One model – multiple projects – Manage continuous change to your baseline Architecture or Processes. With every project in one model, Portfolio Manager gives you full version control throughout the project lifecycle.


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