The Smart Word Document Generator for Sparx Enterprise Architect

eaDocX is the world’s best-selling EA extension. Easily produce great documents that reveal all the richness of their EA models

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High quality, business-ready documents
Tailored for demanding stakeholders
With integrated model updates

eaDocX® is the most popular add-in for Sparx EA. Easily create great documents from Enterprise Architect models, with flexible styling options for documents that deliver.

IAG, as an authorized reseller, offers either this popular stand-alone EA add-in or 

IAG clients (new and existing) receive attractive eaDocX pricing, North American support, preferential treatment, and discounts on IAG’s Business Architecture, Modeling and Business Analysis professional services and training courses.


Easy to Use

No need for scripting or EA document specialists. eaDocX makes it easy to choose exactly the EA content you need and specify the level of detail that your readers demand.

Flexible Styling

Tight integration with Word brings power and flexibility to document formatting – so you can print what you want, how you want, and all through a familiar user interface.

Documents That Deliver

eaDocX documents give your readers up-to-date information, how they like it, whenever they need it. And with easy model updates direct from documents, eaDocX delivers for your business.

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Benefits and Features

Save time

• Quickly Transform your Sparx EA Model into a Word Doc – Just 2 clicks to a smart document

• Generate sets of EA Word Documents including draft mode for Easy Checking and Updates – Time saving features when you are creating and updating your documents

• Create Multiple EA Documents Efficiently – Creating sets of documents with common formatting.

• Hyperlinks within your EA document – Reveal the structure of your model in your documents

Extensive content formatting capabilities

• Paragraphs & tables. Document formatting that suits your model contents

• Generate Reusable Word Templates Compatible With EA. Generate documents that set standards

• Add Tables of Contents, Figures and Tables to Sparx EA Word Documents

• Easily Show and Hide Sparx EA Content. Take granular control of your document contents

• Sorting and filtering. Organize, order and select your model contents for each document

• Conditional formatting. Make your documents easy to read

• Change Marking. Track changes and compare versions

• Publishing formats. Use eaDocX to generate Word and HTML documents

• Hide empty fields in Sparx EA Documents. Make generated documents look like normal documents

• Scripting. Create your own mini-eaDocX generators

Create Documentation from Multiple Data Sources

• EA Package structure. The simplest way to create an eaDocX document.

• Model Views. Create documents based on pre-defined EA Model Views

• Documenting Sparx EA Sequence Diagrams. Sequence diagrams have additional printing options

• Ad-hoc diagrams. For rapid creation of one-off documents for meetings or single issue reviews

• Get Maximum Value from Sparx EA. Linked documents, manual cross references and discussions

• Auto-generate Sparx EA Data into Existing Word documents. Add generated EA content into any Word document

• Add Multiple Types of Data to Sparx EA Documents. Include multiple EA data sources in a single document

• Easily Tailor Sparx EA Documents. Choose the level of detail for each element in your document

• Glossary. Smart glossary generation for each document

• Relationship Matrices. Use the data in EA to enrich how relationships are displayed

• Gather Sparx EA Data & Format Easily into a Report. Document Elements wherever they are in your model

• Diagrams. Use a diagram to define your document contents

And more, including:

• EA model collaboration with interactive documents. Manage the full model/document lifecycle

• Updating your model. Collect, select and apply every review response direct into EA.

• Reviewing documents with overlapping EA content. Combine updates to your model from different documents

• Stakeholder guided reviews. Collect feedback in general, or guide reviewers to provide specific inputs

• Working with Teams, SharePoint and Dropbox. Remote EA model collaboration made simple

• Built-In EA traceability. An audit trail for the changes you have made

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