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Upcoming Business Analysis Training
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Agile BA Sept 2021 Class

Participants learn about the Business Analyst’s agile mindset and the essential tips and best practices of key agile BA techniques like User Stories, Story Mapping, and writing Acceptance Criteria — while the optional third day Agile Business Analysis Extension covers refining and prioritizing the backlog and ensuring User Stories are ready for planning meetings (by creating and using their Definition of Ready). Workshop participants have access to a variety of templates, examples, checklists and resources on the class portal.

Some pre-reading and casework is required before class so the in-class sessions can focus on group discussion of the topics and case exercises. The online class experience uses IAG’s Collaborative Learning platform where participants work together using techniques like Discovery Canvases to write, elaborate, refine and prioritize user stories and satisfy their Definition of Ready.

Business Analysis Boot Camp

The IAG Business Analysis Boot Camp is an comprehensive, intensive, experiential and practical program covering the roles and responsiblies of the Business Analyst. While referencing and compatible with IIBA, PMI and Agile certifications, this is not a certification prep class.

Our objectives for participants in this boot camp is to be an effective Business Analyst — not how to pass a certification exam. Participants will learn a broad array or Business Analysis techniques — both traditional and agile.

The classes involve instruction and learning from experienced business analysis professionals but primarily involve group discussion and case exercise work to gain a practical understanding of business analysis activities and have the opportunity to apply and develop their skills throughout the program.

IAG’s Discovery Canvases™

7 Best Practices for Successful Requirements Meetings

7 Best Practices for Successful Requirements Meetings

Key success factors for Business Analysts, Product Owners, and Project Managers leading meetings. Facilitating meetings to successfully achieve their planned outcomes has always been a hot topic -- and a challenge that hasn’t become any easier with remote...

The User Story Discovery Canvas from IAG

The User Story Discovery Canvas from IAG

One of the aspects of being a Business Analyst Consultant that I feel a keen responsibility for is asking good questions. By that, I mean asking questions that are both relevant and relatively easy to answer. When I started out my career as a BA I honesty did not...

Free User Story Discovery Canvas™

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