1. Requirements Team (Facilitator, BusinessAnalyst)
Enable the requirements discovery process by:

  • Asking relevant questions
  • Recording answers provided by SubjectMatter Experts
  • Keeping the process moving
  • Utilizing effective facilitation anddocumentation skills
  • Keeping the discussion focused onobjectives and scope
  • Confirming understanding among/withparticipants
2. Business Leader / Project Sponsor
Provide the business vision by:
  • Explaining the problem/opportunity
  • Defining the vision
  • Defining the business objectives
  • Determining the measures of success
  • Defining high level process andrequirements
3.  Business Subject Matter Expert (SME) /Business Team
Define the business context by providing:

  • High level scenario description
  • System boundaries confirmation(Context Diagram)
  • Examples to clarify ambiguity
  • Business rules and policies to ensureaccuracy
  • Business Activity descriptions
  • Future direction for business processes
4.  Technical Subject Matter Expert (TSME) /Design Team
Assist the requirements discovery process by:
  • Acting as a resource to assist the business in defining the “what” (notthe “how”)
  • Providing information on interfacingsystems
  • Providing clarity on what the systemdoes today

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