You’ve been asked to facilitate a session with your clients to elicit their business requirements for your project. Below are some things to keep in mind to ensure the success of the session.

When preparing for the session:
1. Enlist the necessary management commitment
2. Get the right participants

In order to reduce the elapsed time eliciting requirements:
3. Hold one long session rather than a series of short sessions
4. Use a process that is fast, simple, easy and business based

In order to stay business-based:
5. Avoid discussing technical details until the Business has agreed to the essential business requirements

During the meeting:
6. Stay focused on the session objectives.
7. Avoid “techie talk”
8. Ensure that all unresolved or ambiguous points are reviewed and revised before proceeding
9. Do not make decisions yourself regarding what is important

After the meeting:
10. Produce the project phase deliverables as soon as possible after the requirements have been gathered IAG Consulting


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