Challenged with governing over a large geographical area and very remote locations, our client needed help to organize and facilitate sessions that could elicit and document user stories and requirements for four separate business cases with critical participants across numerous locations, working remotely and with challenging schedules.

IAG proposed a solution using their Online Visual Collaboration Platform facilitated by a team of experienced facilitators. The live “face-to-face” interaction in Teams/Zoom enabled meaningful discussions and decision-making. This was supported by electronic whiteboard and modeling tools that providing efficiency, focus, and structure to the conversations. Key to the success was the use of IAG’s Discovery Canvases which were used to visually focus discussions and capture the essential elements needed for the business case. On the Teams site, and between sessions, participants continued work with posts on the facilitated discussion boards and by collaborating directly in reviews of canvases and documentation – asking questions and adding comments at times of their convenience – promoting an interactive development of the final deliverables.

Over the course of less than 30 billable days, IAG was able to successfully provide the scope and high-level requirements/user stories to aid in the determination of the feasibility for four major initiatives. Two of these will be integral parts of an organization-wide initiative to standardize multiple disparate systems into a single overarching backbone network. The other two are intended to replace legacy systems that were due to be phased out to modernize, automate and speed up workflow while reducing process bottlenecks. With the scope and priorities clarified, and all the business cases now so quickly and easily developed, they are now on plan in their portfolio review and approval process to proceed with these projects.

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