Product Visioning for Agile and Large Scale Projects


This is an on-line one-day course taught live by one of our senior consultants from our state of the art video-conferencing facility.

This course focuses on the initial project activities to understand the vision and scope of a system or product to be designed, enhanced or sourced.

To start a project or determine its feasibility you need to understand what it is — sufficiently enough enable effective planning and decision making. Not detailed specifications but just enough requirements. This basic foundation defined as early as possible is essential regardless of the development approach. These high-level requirements can be defined surprisingly easily and quickly with the right methods. The lean agile approach encourages the elaboration of detail over time and also recognizes that requirements and scope will change and evolve. Establishing a clear vision and solid foundation allows businesses to understand the objectives and fundamental characteristics of the proposed solution to best enable effective planning and development.

This class provides a variety of practical methods to efficiently describe a sufficiently detailed vision and scope to begin a project. BAs, PMs, SCRUM Masters and Product Owners will learn how to collaboratively develop and reach agreement to these high-level requirements using a set of proven agile, business analysis, and lean project management techniques. This course has been designed specifically to align with a traditional, iterative, SCRUM, SAFe, DSDM, and Lean approaches, and to support IIBA BABOK, PMI PBA and PMBOK, and IREB CPRE standards.


Instructor-Led, Online


Project Managers, Program Managers, Business Analysts, SCRUM Masters, Product Owners




6 hours (with one hour break between the 3hr morning and afternoon session)





4½ Stars


$799 USD

2017 Dates


To learn practical techniques to define the vision and scope for a project

Following the learning methods and course design that is so popular with IAG’s clients, participants learn specific tips, precise steps to follow, techniques to use, questions to ask, and a Vision document template to fill out.

The course covers specific techniques for discovering and describing the vision, goals, objectives, epic user stories for a project.
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Throughout the course, the group will work together through a case study demonstrating, and providing the opportunity to practice, each technique covered. All registered attendees are also given access to an online class workspace to obtain course materials, checklists, handouts, exercises, and to share information and discuss topics with classmates.

  • How to use the right techniques, models, steps and questions appropriate for defining the vision and scope at the early stage of project, program, portfolio planning.
  • What methods are best for modeling and determining the vision and scope for a particular project.
  • How to collaboratively and iteratively develop a clear and concise vision statement that will guide subsequent activities.
  • Understand the OMG Business Motivation Model to describe the goals and objectives.
  • Understand how Lean Program Management concepts can be used to guide the detail, effort, and approach to visioning.
  • How to appropriately use techniques like context and process (or story) mapping at a high-level — as exercises to uncover the vision and provide context to the requirements.
  • How to work directly and interactively with business stakeholders in defining project vision
  • Conduct fast and efficient analysis – maximizing the time and resources of the company
  • How to apply industry best practices for discovering, describing and documenting vision and scope for various projects (new development, maintenance and package) and in various environments (iterative, incremental and waterfall)
  • What is needed in a Vision and Scope document (with template provided) to be sufficient for relevant next stage of your project.

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