Planning & Estimating for Requirements Discovery


This is an on-line course taught live in three 3-hour sessions from our state-of-the-art video-conferencing facility.

This is an applied course taught in a case study format where the group takes a project from its vision and initially defined scope and determines the plan and approach for the elaboration and management of the requirements for the project. The outcome is complete Requirements Management Plan with an agreed-upon approach for the requirements definition and management, estimate, and work plan that will stand alongside and support a traditional or agile development effort.


Instructor-Led, Online


Business Analysts, Project Managers, SCRUM Masters




3 – 3½ hour morning sessions over 3 days


9 PDU’s/CDU’s


4½ Stars


$1,299 USD ($699 early-bird discount if applicable)

2017 Dates

Feb 28-Mar 2
Apr 18-20
Jun 6-8
Jul 25-27
Sep 12-14


To learn how to estimate and plan for the requirements definition and management of a tradition or agile project

How long is it going to take to “do the requirements”? What approach are you going to use? Is a BRD needed? What templates should be used? What level of detail do we need? How many requirements discovery sessions will be needed? Who should attend? When should they be scheduled? What techniques do we use (use cases, process models, story maps?) What authoring and/or collaboration tools will we be using? What is our process for reviewing, verifying, validating, prioritizing, and managing changes?

As a Project Manager, Business Analyst, or Consultant you need to answer these questions. This course will provide you with a framework and template to assist you in the decisioning process for developing an efficient and effective plan and strategy for the requirements definition and management on your projects.

With IAG’s Live Virtual Training, you get to learn from our leading experts on business analysis, requirements and architecture with the convenience and cost effectiveness of being online. From IAG’s state-of-the-art video-conferencing facilities, our instructors provide an interactive, web-based experience that puts you right in the classroom but with the convenience of being online!

  • Understand the elements of requirements management plan and the activities required to develop the plan and schedule for requirements discovery
  • Discuss the considerations and prerequisites for preparing a requirements management plan
  • Understand to differences and decisions to be made regarding the type, form, format, style and level of detail of the models, work products, and deliverables to be employed for the project
  • Learn the different approaches and strategies that can be undertaken to elicit, review, prioritize and manage the requirements through the project or sprints
  • Learn how to select and communicate the best methods and approach for defining and managing the requirements for a project
  • Understand and be able to select the appropriate techniques needed for discovering and describing the requirements and related models
  • Learn and practice how to estimate and develop a work schedule of meetings and work breakdown structure of RDM activities for a project

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