Claiming IIBA Development Credits

All of IAG’s courses meet the criteria for use in certification and recertification in IIBA’s CBAP and CCBA programs.

The training hours for attendees of IAG’s Requirements Training Courses can be used as professional development hours towards certification and CDUs toward recertification. The content of these courses meet all of the criteria for professional development and CDU requirements as set out in the CBAP Handbook.

When reporting professional development hours for certification use this form, which can be used for paper or on-line application.

When reporting CDUs you simply need to provide the name of the course (BA Bootcamp, etc), a description (course descriptions) the provider (IAG Consulting), and a contact name, phone and email address from IAG. (A Program ID number is not necessary).

If you need any assistance in reporting or responding to IIBA, contact us and we will provide any help they need.

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