Micro Focus: Caliber

Key Features

  •  Centralized repository: Caliber provides a central, secure repository for all project requirements
  •  Requirements Visualization: Caliber combines visual use cases, business scenarios, storyboarding and interactive simulation via a browser interface from the CaliberRM client
  •  Requirements Impact Analysis and Traceability: The open architecture of Caliber lets you link relationships from objectives through to business requirements
  •  Rich Text Editing: Use the rich text editor to enter requirements any way you want — including structured hierarchies, tables, graphs, images or any object such as documents, spreadsheets and presentations
  •  Requirements Configuration and Change Management: Every requirement update is automatically versioned, allowing a comparison of individual requirements at the attribute level
  •  Complete Lifecycle Integration: Caliber has an open architecture and robust API to allow out-of-the-box integration with the existing tools
  •  Change Tracking and Notification: Caliber notifies the project line of command whenever a requirement definition is changed so proper measures can be taken

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