eaDocX™ is the Microsoft Word and Excel document generator Add-In for Enterprise Architect, producing ready-to-publish high-quality documents in a couple of clicks and simplifying model and document review and update for everyone. All your EA content printed exactly the way you want and accessible by everyone who needs it.


Easy to Use

  • Simple GUI interface for content direct into Word or Excel
  • Print all your EA content using familiar Word styles and formats
  • Auto-generate charts, hyper-links, change marking, document information & glossary
  • No need for rtf or scripting

Improve Project Deliverables

  • Re-use your model data for many audiences and in many formats
  • Produce custom reports to quickly identify gaps and overlaps
  • Use conditional formatting to highlight specific information
  • Direct reviewers to areas of concern to get the answers you need

Simple to Collaborate

  • Publish online with links and instructions for reviewers
  • Set up questions, votes and compliance requests exactly where you need them
  • Define public or private document reviews to suit your audience
  • Collate every response direct into EA

Save Time and Money

  • Edit and import EA data fast using Excel
  • Update your project documents with 2 clicks
  • Make EA accessible anywhere, on any device
  • Reduce the time needed to collate feedback and update
  • Speed up document reviews and approvals with clear instructions


Get all the great Word and Excel integration features for which eaDocX is well known, plus the ability to publish and annotate your model content online. This allows you to interact with your stakeholders in a whole new way. When you need to share your EA model with the widest possible audience or make it easy for your document reviewers to give you feedback, eaDocX Collaboration Edition is the way to go.


If the ability to organize reviews and get approvals for your work isn’t a priority, then Corporate Edition may be right for you. Corporate edition allows you to create lots of documents, and lots of versions of those documents, and keep track of them. It allows you to move data into- and out-of EA regularly, either to bring new data into your models, to produce Excel reports, or use Excel to do quick edits of EA data. You can also add graphical charts to your documents, giving a full and rich picture of the content of your EA models.


If you just need to produce high quality Word documents tailored to a demanding audience, with no online reviews, no versioning, and don’t need to work with Excel then Professional edition may be sufficient for you.

Collaboration, Corporate or Professional Edition
Pricing $69- $1433
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