Methods, Techniques & Tools for the Requirements, Analysis, Inception, and Elaboration Phases

IAG Consulting has worked with organizations at varying levels of maturity in their software development process and each of them have achieved significant performance breakthroughs using our Requirements Discovery Process. We work with you to implement and sustain realistic process improvements in the development life cycle.

By focusing on the practical application of the changes we go beyond the content itself to address the impact of this change on the people and the existing process and we leverage various training modalities and a change management processes to ensure your success.

IAG Consulting can help you tailor and document a disciplined yet flexible standardized process. We include the specific techniques, practices, procedures and work products while focusing on how to follow the process using a consistent, practical and easy process.


Averages 6 to 24 weeks


Conducted by professionally trained IAG Requirements Architects


IT resources including SDLC owners, IT Best Practices group, IT Architecture, and Application Development, Project Management Office and IT Training Departments


Manual or Guidebook, Templates, Communication Plan

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