Fast Tracking Projects

Duration: 1 Hour

Credits: 1 PDU/CDU

PMI Talent Triangle: Strategic

So you’ve been assigned a complex, poorly defined project concept… now what?

Nothing is worse (or better) for a senior project manager or analyst than being handed a project that is: strategic, very large, and way outside your comfort zone in complexity. These projects will sometimes roll around the halls of big companies for months while they struggle to gain sufficient momentum and clarity to really move forward with a sense of purpose and direction. Let’s say one of these career-bruisers/-builders is yours? What do you do next? This session is about the tactics of early-stage project intake and clarification – getting clarity efficiently.

1. Inside the project intake process – why is intake so dysfunctional?

2. The action plan – simple steps that drive project clarity and milestones that deliver benefit.

3. Targeted result – time tested deliverables that work.

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