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Power Tools & Critical Frameworks

This is the EAUNI standard, single user licence. For the multi-user floating licence see EAUNIFLOAT.

The Unified Edition of Enterprise Architect includes all the features of the Corporate edition plus features and built in tools for business/systems/software development teams working on real-time, embedded and systems solutions using UML, SysML, DDS, DMN, BPSim and related technologies.

This edition is designed for the software development professional, business analyst, systems engineer, business or enterprise architect, real-time modeler, requirements expert, project manager or simply involved in the design and construction of quality software and business services.

This newest edition of Enterprise Architect has the features and built in tools to help you and your team deliver the best solution possible.

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Standard (fixed)


Linux, MacOS, Windows


Unified Edition includes all the features of the Corporate Edition plus:

  • Ada 2012 Code Engineering
  • BPEL Generation from BPMN diagrams
  • BPEL 2.0 Generation
  • BPMN Simulation
  • BPSim Modeling & Simulation
  • Business Rules Composer
  • Code Generation for State Machines
  • Decision and Model Notation (DMN) Simulation
  • Executable Code Generation from Behavioral Models
  • Math Support built into Script Engines
  • Real-Time, HDL Code Engineering and Profiles
  • SysML 1.4, 1.3, 1.2, 1.1
  • SysML Parametric Model Simulation
  • SysML Simulation with OpenModelica

Included MDG Technologies/Architectural Frameworks:

  • MDG Technology for UPDM
  • MDG Technology for Zachman Framework
  • MDG Technology for TOGAF

Included MDG Integration Tools:

  • MDG Integration for Visual Studio
  • MDG Link for Visual Studio
  • MDG Integration for Eclipse
  • MDG Link for Eclipse

New in V14

  • SysML Parametrics, HDL, ADA
  • DDS ,Linux satellite service
  • Math Support in script library
  • BPSim Model Configuration, BPSim Execution Engine
  • BPEL, UAF, UPDM, Visual Studio Integration
  • DMN Execution and code generation
  • Execution state Machine, Modelica simulation
  • Zachman, TOGAF, BPEL, UAF, UPDM, VS Integration

Important Licensing Information

Support Subscription

When you purchase Enterprise Architect you have access to new versions and builds of Enterprise Architect and email support for 12 months.
After this period has expired, you have the option to extend this support by purchasing a subscription renewal. A subscription renewal extends your support for an additional year.
Your license key will not expire, just your subscription. If you choose not to renew, you can continue to use your current version of Enterprise Architect, you just won’t be able to update it unless you renew.

Renewing Your Support Subscription

You will be emailed a renewal notice from both Sparx and IAG at the beginning of the month your subscription is due to expire. IAG is happy to process your renewal for you. There is no difference in the support subscription however you may receive preferred pricing from IAG. Please check our website and contact IAG for volume pricing.
Lapsed Support: Subscriptions that have lapsed for 3 or more years will not be eligible for subscription renewals and the user will need to purchase new licenses if they wish to use the latest version of Enterprise Architect.
Multi-Year Renewals: Customers can purchase up to five years of renewals in advance. This allows for easy budgeting and funding, as one transaction could last the entire lifetime of the project.

Standard vs Floating License

Each edition is available as either a Standard (fixed user) license or a Floating user license.

Standard license keys are registered directly to a user’s computer and are not removed again until the user needs to change computers. One standard license can be registered to both a work and laptop machine if both machines are used only by the same user.

Enterprise Architect software may also be purchased as a floating license. Floating licenses are suitable for companies who wish to automate the management of multiple registration keys. Floating license keys are administered in a single, centralized repository. The Sparx Systems Keystore Server provides this repository and administrative software to manage floating licenses. This is a free service provided with the purchase of floating licenses and can be downloaded from the registered user section of the Sparx website. The keys are entered into the server, which users then connect to and lease out license keys as needed. Once the user disconnects (i.e., shuts down Enterprise Architect), the key is automatically returned to the key store ready for the next user.


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