For the Requirements Discovery Sessions that we hold for our clients we always provide tent cards for the participants to write their names on in order to help with both the group members and the facilitator. On the back of these place cards we have printed a number of meeting guidelines for the Requirements Discovery Session — guidelines that we’ve found valuable to introduce at the start of the session and to have on the back of the cards as constant reminders for the participants.

Here are the guidelines, copied directly from the back of our cards…


§  Start on time — end on time

§  Expand your thinking

§  Focus on the objectives (project/meeting/topic)

§  Take ownership of and responsibility for your requirements

§  Actively participate
– silence means consent

§  Bring an open mind and a positive attitude

§  Trust to process and the facilitator

§  Avoid “side-bars”

§  Focus on needs (the desired state)

§  Minimize the noise/use of electronic devices

§  Respect each other’s contributions


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