Unfortunately too common now-a-days is the excessively restrictive non-disclosure clause in client contracts that prevents companies like ours from telling our prospective new clients the great work we’ve done for past ones. We certainly value very strongly the privacy, intellectual property and confidentiality of our clients – that is a very important priority on all of our engagements. Unfortunately that means when new clients want to see samples of work we have done, we’re often not able to show off the quality of our work as much as they might like.  When we explain that they would likely not want us showing around a requirements documents of theirs to other companies (or competitors), it usually suffices. However it still doesn’t help them understand what we have done (and could do for them).   

To make matters worse, many contracts restrict the slightest mention of the client relationship, preventing companies like ours from even providing a meaningful client list. A list that might demonstrate the credibility and market presence enjoyed by the company, enabling some comfort and mitigating some risk by showing they are in the good company of other organizations similar to them.  Sure we could say that we’ve worked on requirements definition projects for an entertainment/theme park company with cartoon mascots, or delivered BA training courses to an insurance company in Hartford, but we’d have to be careful their lawyers wouldn’t get too angry.

So, I think it’s come down to this: All we can really do now, is tell you who we haven’t done business with. So, all in good fun, here is our (partial) list of companies who are not our clients:

IAG’s Non-Client List

  • Enron
  • Lehman Brothers
  • Arthur Anderson
  • Nortel
  • Barings
  • Washington Mutual
  • Swissair
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