Small application development projects are lighter and usually don’t require such extensive process standards, advanced methods, governance, documentation, planning and management that larger IT projects do.

But don’t make the mistake of skipping the requirements altogether!

Start by quickly identifying the high-level objectives,  the boundary or scope,  and developing a basic plan for requirements elicitation.  Then facilitate the requirements discovery sessions with the key subject matter experts. It may take a number of meetings over a few days – or even one or sometimes two weeks  — but the interactive, facilitated sessions are essential. At IAG, we also recommend a paired-analyst approach to the elicitation, analysis, reviews and documentation. This enables higher quality requirements definition and faster turnaround with real-time modeling during the sessions.

On these shorter and smaller projects it’s about following a light process with efficient and effective techniques, using experienced analysts/architects with the right tools and producing just enough requirements detail that will be necessary and sufficient to meet the project and app dev objectives.

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