Let’s talk about setting priorities…  Not life priorities, prioritizing requirements.

Prioritizing requirements is one of those activities that can be either super easy or crazy tough.  If you planned ahead, prioritization is surprisingly easy.  Prioritization needs three major ingredients:

       1)  A large group of stakeholders that know development priorities need to be set

      2)  A set of business objectives

      3)  An application with at least some complexity

 Here’s why:

The larger the group of stakeholders, the more important it becomes to have a way of prioritizing requirements.  Let’s face it, if you only have one stakeholder, priority setting is really much more an executive decision than a process.  However, if there are a lot of stakeholders, the process of priority setting needs to be objective, and business analysts can add value.  In fact, the larger the group, the more the rigor needed in methodology.

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