Borland, a leading vendor of Open Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solutions, today announced the general availability of the latest release of CaliberRM 2008 SP1.

  • CaliberRM is proven requirements management for customers worldwide who have to deal with the ever increasing amount of requirements complexity associated with modern software development.

If you are a former customer or new to CaliberRM, please explore the latest versions of Borland’s Requirements Definition and Management applications. This release continues on the theme of improving project level management as well as enhancing the documentation generation capabilities of DocFactory.

CaliberRM 2008 SP1 Release Highlights:

  • Project Level Administration
    Project Level Administration defines a new kind of administrator right called a Project Admin. This new admin would enjoy a subset of the full CaliberRM administration privileges that will allow them to exercise finer grain control over administrative tasks at the project level.
  • Baseline Initialization from the Requirement Grid
    This new feature provides an alternative method of initializing Baselines. Now, not only can Baselines be initialized from the Baseline Maintenance dialog, but it is now possible to do this from the Requirement Grid dialog.
  • Filters saved on the Server can be shared as Global Read-Only
    Filters saved on the Server can now be set to have global read-only access so as to allow other users to reuse filters. However, only the owner of the filter can modify the globally shared filter.
  • Tracking changes between baselines using Document Factory
    This new feature allows tracking changes in requirement descriptions, and/or status, priority, UDAs using Document Factory for Microsoft Word 2003 Pro and above. All changes between the two baselines are tracked in the Word XML output generated from the Document Factory
  • Printing Multiple Projects using Document Factory
    CaliberRM 2008 SP1 allows you to print requirements for more than one CaliberRM project using Document Factory. You can select multiple projects or multiple baselines and combine requirements that span more than one CaliberRM project into a single Word document.

With this release of  CaliberRM product, Borland continues to show their commitment to helping thier customers address one of the most critical problems still facing the industry, namely that of effectively managing ever changing and increasingly complex requirements. By responding to specific requests from customers, this maintenance release focuses on improving areas in the product highlighted to us by our users. Please explore the links below for additional details of this latest release, browse for additional information and download the new version of CaliberRM today!

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