A BI Project can only be successful if it actually gets built and if the Clients utilize it. Data Warehouse best practices indicate that there are some enablers toward making a BI implementation successful

Have Strong Executive Management Support

With executive sponsorship and involvement all challenges can be overcome; without it the project may be doomed from the start.

Ensure there is a justifiable business value to a the data requirements

Simply put, include data in the data warehouse that can result in measurable dollar benefits to the business itself. Data with no or little anticipated benefit should not be included “just because we can”. A Business Intelligence system can be an incredibly powerful management tool, or it can be a complicated, confusing and cumbersome monster that doesn’t get used or becomes unreliable.

Have strong client buy-in / participation throughout the Project’s Life Cycle

When business users actually provide the business requirements for the BI system they develop a stronger sense of ownership. Having an understanding of the design and content results in a significant improvement in overall adoption and utilization rates of systems developed with direct user involvement.

Hold formally facilitated Requirements Discovery Sessions

Requirements Discovery Sessions facilitated by appropriately skilled analysts create an environment of open discussion that facilitates consensus for critical information requirements from the selected group of business knowledge experts.

Derive the Data Requirements from Business Usage Scenarios

The facts and measures (and related dimensions) to be included in the Business Intelligence System should be based on how the data is to be used (not merely by what data is available). This means driving out the type of management analysis needed to meet the area’s objectives and defining the measures required.

Adopt and Maintain an Evolutionary Philosophy toward the Data Warehouse

Apply the 80/20 rule. Clients will perceive benefit from a timely implementation of 80% of their total requirements. “Get it in… and Grow On”. Get real-world usable Business Information into the hands of the Sponsoring Management as soon as possible so that they receive and perceive real benefits for their development dollars.

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