For Each Use Case:


1) Identify the Actors

Actor: Someone or something that interacts with, or uses, the system to achieve a desired goal

An actor may be: A user of the system. Describe the user by their role An individual who is not an user (customer, client, etc) The System under Discussion (SuD). Describe it as “the system” Another system (external entity)


2) Identify the Goal

Goal: The aim, or purpose – Goals summarize system functionality in terms of use from a business perspective

Identify the Goal: From the high-level scenario By brainstorming By asking “What does this Actor want to do?”


3) Define the Pre-Conditions

Pre-Condition: Something that must happen before the Use Case can start; something that must be in place before the Use Case can start

Identify Pre-Conditions by asking: “What must be in place for the Use Case to begin?” “How do you know you need to do this?”


4) Define the Post-Conditions

Post-Conditions: The result, or successful outcome of the Use Case

Identify the Post-Conditions by asking: “What is the successful result of this process or Use Case?”


5) Describe the Main Flow

Main Flow: Also known as Primary Scenario A single thread of events The simplest sequence – everything goes right Ideally, no branching – make a note of relevant variations Starts with pre-conditions and ends with post conditions

Describe the Main Flow by asking: “What must happen to achieve the goal / outcome?” “What does the actor need to do next?” “What might happen next?” “What do you need to do to get from the trigger to the outcome?”


6) Describe the Exceptions

Exceptions: Created to describe the failure situations Things that may go wrong in the Use Case

Discover exceptions by asking: “What could go wrong?”


7) Describe the Alternate Flows

Alternate Flows: Created to describe the variations to the Main Flow Results in successful outcome Also referred to as scenarios Listen for “sometimes”, “maybe”, and “it depends”

Discover alternate flows by asking: “What might affect this Use Case?”


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