Writing Use Cases


This two-day workshop covers the process, methods, steps and questions to use when employing a Use-Case driven approach to gathering and defining requirements. This course will explain what Use Cases are and how to document them. The course provides a simple six-step process for describing Use Cases as well as strategies for dealing with the common challenges of defining Use Cases.  This course will teach you how to write Use Cases that can be used for business and system requirements. It will provide Business Analysts with a clear understanding of when and how to use Use Cases within their Requirements Process.




Business Analysts, Business Systems Analysts, Project Leads




2 Days



14 PDU’s/CDU’s


4 Stars


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To learn practical techniques for eliciting, modeling and writing use cases


  • Course Objectives
  • How This Fits

What is a Use Case?

  • What is a Use Case?
  • Process Modeling, Use Cases, Scenarios and Requirements
  • What Can a Use Case Look Like?
  • What Are Use cases Used For?
  • Use Cases and the Project Process
  • Identifying Use Cases
  • The Components of a Use Case

The Seven Steps to Writing a Use Case

  • 1. Identify the Actor(s)
  • 2. Identify the Goal
  • 3. Define the Pre-condition
  • 4. Define the Post Condition
  • 5. Describe the Main Success Flow
  • 6. Describe the Exceptions
  • 7. Describe the Alternate Flow(s)
  • Practice Exercise

Detailed Use Case Modeling

  • Level of Granularity or Precision
  • Planning for the Next Level of Detail
  • Moving to the Next Level of Detail
  • Creating a Use Case Diagram
  • Practice Exercise

Eliciting Use Cases

  • 1. Confirm roles and responsibilities
  • 2. Review objectives
  • 3. Establish scope
  • 4. Create a work list
  • 5. Describe each use case
  • 6. Discover and Document the Requirements

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many use cases do I need?
  • How many alternate flows do I need?
  • The questions of breadth and depth
  • Can this help me prepare my Requirements Management Plan?
  • What about use case diagrams?

  • Learn the fundamentals of Use Case modeling
  • How to practically apply use-cases for eliciting and defining business requirements
  • Understand the necessary and sufficient level of detail in Use Cases

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