Conducting a Requirements Use Case Workshop


This one-day workshop covers the process, methods, steps and questions to use when facilitating a structured Use-Case driven Requirements Workshop. This is a very practical approach that makes it quick and easy to discover, describe and document Use Cases directly with your stakeholders. More than 50% of this workshop is devoted to hands-on group work, individual presentation and feedback assessments using a common case exercise.




Business Analysts, Business Systems Analysts, Project Leads




1 Day



7 PDU’s/CDU’s


4 Stars


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To learn and apply practical techniques for eliciting use cases

Use Case Level Setting

  • What is Effective Facilitation?
  • What is a Use Case?
  • The Requirements Use Case Workshop and Where it Fits
  • Process Modeling, Use Cases, Scenarios and Requirements
  • Forms of Use Cases
  • The Case Study

The Five Steps to Conducting a Requirements Use Case Workshop

  • 1. Confirm Roles and Responsibilities
  • 2. Review Objectives
  • 3. Establish Scope
  • 4. Create a Work list (of the Business Activities and Variations to define)
  • 5. Describe the Business Activities using Use Case Modeling

Use Case Modeling

  • 1. Identify the Actor(s)
  • 2. Define the Pre-condition
  • 3. Define the Post-condition
  • 4. Describe the Simple (Main Flow) Scenario
  • 5. Describe the Detailed (Main Flow) Scenarios
  • 6. Describe the Detailed Variations (Alternate Scenarios)

Next Steps

  • Describe the Functional Business Requirements
  • Describe the Information (Data) Requirements

Learn how to effectively facilitate use case discussions to elicit the essential and sufficient level of requirements for your project.

Answer the questions:

  • “Do I use Use Cases to ‘discover’ requirements”, or to describe requirements already discovered?
  • “How can I help my users tell me what I need to know?”
  • “How many use cases do I need?”
  • “How detailed do the use cases need to be?”

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