Business Cases That Work

One day live virtual class.

Preparing an effective and compelling business case can be the single most important activity that sets you on the path to success. Bypassing this essential activity because it is assumed to be too difficult or unnecessary is a both ill-advised and unfounded. A project authorized and proceeded without a foundational understanding of its objectives, the required solution(s), benefits and risks can be extremely costly. Equally, a weak business case that does not effectively communicate the value of the investment also does not serve the interests of the business. Knowing how to write a compelling business case that will result in approval and the right portfolio mix is an invaluable skill.

This course provides the essential elements of effective business cases, techniques to elicit and communicate them, and a quick and efficient process that can be adapted to small and complex, structured and agile initiatives alike.




Project Managers, Business Analysts, Business Managers




6 hours (9AM-12PM; 1-4PM EDT)


6 PDU’s/CDU’s


4½ Stars


$895 USD (less early booking discount if applicable)


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To learn practical techniques to prepare an effective business case
  • The key elements of a successful business case
  • An understanding of the differences in a lite, comprehensive, lean and agile business case
  • A step-by-step process to create a business case
  • Methods, models and techniques to discover, analyze, describe, verify and validate the elements of the business case
  • How to define the project – to just enough detail required
  • How to provide and define justification for the project
The intended outcomes resulting from implementing the practices and skills in this course are:

  • More effective portfolio decisioning – authorization of the best projects and programs most aligned with strategy and with the highest returns
  • More efficient and effective project initiation – based on a solid foundation, understanding, and acceptance of the project
  • More successful project delivery – through an advanced assessment of the impacts, risks, and financials
  • A clear and consistent approach to business case development
From applying the knowledge and skills learned in this class, participants can expect:

  • More success with the approval of business cases presented
  • Improved speed, efficiency, and agility in project initiation
  • Enhanced quality and professionalism of business cases through the use of the techniques and templates
  • Reinforced recognition, credibility, respect, and trust resulting from a reputation of successful high-quality project outcomes
  • Opportunities for cross-functional advancement
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