Business Architecture Foundations


In this two and three day workshop, participants will learn the fundamentals of business architecture – from concepts and principles aligned with the BIZBOK, to practices and applications that will demonstrate the value of architectural blueprints and models in supporting strategic and operational planning and management.
As a characteristic of all of IAG’s courses, participants will learn more than just theory, but will learn how they can apply concepts and best practices in their role—on the job. We will describe the basic steps of developing and using some of the foundational models of business architecture. By the end of the workshop, participants should have an understanding of how business architecture can be used to address various business scenarios such as project portfolio optimization, business transformations, requirements backlog prioritization, and business/IT alignment.




Managers, Architects, Business Analysts, Project Managers




3 Days


21 PDU’s/CDU’s


4.5 Stars


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Learn business architecture methods to create transformational roadmaps for your investment and project portfolio

Business Architecture Overview

  • Terms, concepts, principles, value proposition, drivers, goals, framework
  • BIZBOK, TOGAF, IIBA, PMI, EA, BPM perspectives

Capability and Organizational View

  • Business Capability definition, examples, guidelines
  • Purpose and Benefits of business capability modeling
  • Building a business capability model
  • Using a capability model
  • Heat mapping
  • Organizational, functional, stakeholder, resource, product mapping
  • Reference models

Process and Value View

  • Value streams and heat mapping
  • Business process models
  • Business Architecture and BPM

Information View

  • Business information modeling
  • Definitional Business Rules
  • Role of business architecture

Motivational and Strategic View

  • OMG Business Motivation Model
  • Business strategy mapping
  • Policy and business rule mapping

Project/Initiative/Technology View

  • Project portfolio optimization
  • IT APM alignment and mappings
  • Business architecture and requirements management

Business Architecture Services

  • Importance of business architecture
  • Specific usage scenarios for a business architecture practice
  • Adding value to the organization with business architecture
  • Understand foundational models used in Business Architecture
  • Understand Business Architecture terms, concepts, and value
  • How to develop blueprints of your organization’s business architecture
  • How to map and associate business architecture models to support effective business decision making
  • Use business models to support and validate project and strategic

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