IBM: Rational DOORS Next Generation (RDNG)

Rational DOORS Next Generation (RDNG) is a web-based requirements management tool developed as part of Collaborative Lifecycle Management (in the Jazz Requirement Management application) to empowers teams to define, manage, and report on requirements for in life cycle development of complex software projects. RDNG helps business analysts, engineers and project teams work more effectively across disciplines, time zones, and supply chains to achieve better project outcomes.

Rational DOORS NG Benefts

IAG’s DOORS NG Service Offerings

IAG Services
Product Evaluation Complementary assistance in determining the suitability, application and benefits of RDNG within your organization
Product Licensing IAG is a fully qualified reseller for IBM Rational and can provide complete turnkey assistance from ordering through implementation. Contact IAG for professional assistance.
Implementation/Integration Services Including planning, configuration, installation, and software integration assistance
Requirements Process/Practice Integration IAG offers assistance in the adaptation of your company’s requirements process based on the implementation of the technology solutions. This may be part of an existing transformation program to evolve your organization’s requirements management maturity level, or simple help in updating procedures and templates.
User Training, Coaching & Mentoring IAG provides training courses and coaches to assist clients in adopting and using RDNGas effectively as possible and as quickly as possible.
Project Consultants (Outsourcing) IAG consultants certified as RDNG specialists can be engaged (in a staff augmentation role, or as mentors) for requirements elicitation and definition services using RDNG on your projects.
Current Version Rational DOORS Next Generation
Suggested Retail Price call for preferred pricing
How to order Contact IAG at 800.209.3616
Benefits of ordering with IAG • Local North American Point of Contact
• Local Pre Sales Assistance
• Local Currency (USD or CDN$)
• Preferred Pricing
• Available implementation and consulting support
• Available on-site training

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