Requirements Elicitation

Professionally Facilitated Sessions to Discover Agile or Traditional Requirements

Typical Engagements run 1-4 weeks

Engage senior IAG Business Analysis consultants to facilitate and manage Requirements Discovery Sessions.

We will work with your team to plan, schedule, and conduct in-person or virtual workshops with your business and technical subject-matter-experts. 

This is what we are known for and what we do best.   Count on us to deliver faster and better.   We will ensure your stakeholders are happy and satisfied. 


Typical Engagement

  1. Day 0
    Planning call, review of existing materials, setup Teams and Mural workspaces
  2. Day 1
    Vision and Scoping Session with main stakeholders (9AM-12PM); Story Map Skeleton; Prioritized capabilities/features (high-level requirements); prepare/refine work plan and Kanban/Item Board
  3. Days 2-4
    Requirements Discovery Sessions (9AM-12PM)
    Modeling, analysis, peer and client review work (1-5PM)
  4. Day 5
    Client Validation Review and Prioritization Session
  5. Days 6-8
    Requirements Discovery Sessions (mornings)
    Modeling, analysis, peer and client review work (afternoons)
  6. Day 9
    Requirements Review, Validation and Prioritization
  7. Day 10
    Deliverable preparation and presentation

Work Products

(Various models, templates and tools may be used – based on client needs)

Typical Mid-level Requirements Document including:

Vision and Scope Statements

Context Diagram

Conceptual Data Model


User Stories

Story Map

Process Models


Prioritized Requirements/Backlog Items

Use Cases

Data Definitions

Engagement Types and Deliverables

Business Requirements Discovery

High-level to detailed BRD


User Story Workshops

Story Map, User Stories and Acceptance Criteria

Process Mapping

BPMN Diagrams, Workflows, User Guides, Playbooks, BPM


Use Case Workshops

Business or System Use Cases Models


Software Requirements

Functional Specs, SRS, SyRS

Requirements for Software Purchase or Outsourcing

RFP/RFQ with Vendor Selection Criteria

Engagement Options


Facilitation-only or our Paired-Analysis Team


Mentoring or Coaching Services


RDM Work Plan/DoR


Workshop Scheduling & Management


Peer and Client Review Sessions


Detailed Analysis, Verification & Validation



How Does it Work? What Would We Expect?

One Senior Consultant acts as the facilitator, leading the Requirements Discovery Sessions and keeping the sessions on-track.

Other Senior BA Consultants are responsible for the various models and work products and keeping the project on-track.

All sessions involve at least two of our consultants. This is known as paired analysis and, in addition to producing immediate and tangible results, both play an active role coaching & mentoring the IT analysts during the engagement.

“I found this process to be extremely customer-focused – and we got an accurate deliverable for our review right away.”

IAG’s Requirements Consultants are seasoned experts in Business Analysis and Software Engineering best practices. We use specific methods and practices that have been proven to be effective at ensuring the meetings are focused and productive, and the resulting requirements specifications are clear and accurate.

IAG’s Requirements Elicitation service is a very productive and cost effective way to obtain high quality requirements documentation, extremely quickly, using specialized requirements facilitation and documentation experts.

“I was truly amazed how the consultant pulled us together and kept us focused – it was the most productive meeting I’ve had since I’ve been with the company”

Why use IAG?

The cost and time advantage of engaging senior requirements definition experts for a short (1-4 week) period vs. a single or team of junior or intermediate Business Analysts for a period of months.
To start a project with reliable experts and hand-over a high quality standardized deliverable to your internal Business Analysts/ Business Systems Analysts/ Systems Analysts.
As opposed to contract Business Analysts, IAG consultants all employ a consistent and standardized process and use proven practices in which they have all been certified by IAG.
Because our Senior Consultants complete dozens of projects every year, they are unique in the diversity and experience they bring to every project..
Our Consultants lead the sessions using matter-of-fact questioning and analysis techniques all the while managing key group dynamics – keeping focused, on track, and avoiding the common traps of user meetings and analysis paralysis.
The advantage of engaging senior external consultants with no biases or hidden agendas; and to overcome obstacles in obtaining commitment, consensus and agreement.

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