IAG Trademark Usage Policy

Trademarks owned by IAG

This is a current listing of United States trademarks owned by The Information Architecture Group (“IAG”) and might also be trademarks or registered trademarks in other countries. Please note that laws concerning use and marking of trademarks or product names vary by country. Always consult a local attorney for additional guidance.

The following are common law marks of IAG in the United States:

  • Requirements Discovery Process™
  • Best Requirements Practices™
  • Business Analysis Benchmark™
  • Requirements Maturity Model™
  • The IAG logo and approved variations including the text “IAG Consulting”, and the box and swish logo mark.

All of the above marks with the exception of the IAG logo require attribution.
Not all common law marks used by IAG are necessarily listed on this page. Failure of a mark to appear on this page does not mean that IAG does not use the mark nor does it mean that the product is not actively marketed or is not significant within its relevant market.


Use of “IAG” and “IAG Consulting” as a company name

“IAG”is an abbreviation of The Information Architecture Group which operates as IAG Consulting. Both “IAG” and “IAG Consulting” are trade names of The Information Architecture Group. Though only typically used for legal purposes, the full and correct legal name of the Delaware corporation is The Information Architecture Group Inc.


Fair use of IAG trademarks and IAG logos

“Fair use”, that is, use by a third party without express permission or license, is allowed for IAG trademarks and IAG logos.

In such references, you must be truthful, must not disparage IAG, and must not mislead the public. You must be clear and accurate as to the nature of the relationship between IAG and your company, its products, and its services.


Incorrect use of IAG trademarks

  • Do not omit a footnote/attribution for IAG trademarks.
  • Do not alter the approved IAG trademark.
  • Do not create any new logo for IAG or IAG product names. Do not incorporate any IAG product names into your company’s product names.
  • Do not incorporate any IAG product names into the root domain of any Web site owned by your company.
  • Do not misspell or use lower case letters when using the name IAG in text.
  • Do not use the IAG taglines.
  • Do not connect your company name with IAG product names.
  • Do not use the IAG trademark name for a product or service as a noun, or in the plural form.
  • Do not misspell or incorrectly capitalize IAG trademarks.
  • Always include the letters IAG before the trademarked IAG name on the first usage.

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