eaDocx Corporate Edition License Renewal


36 Month Support and Maintenance Renewal


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This is a 36-month extension to renew support and maintenance on existing licenses for the Corporate Edition of eaDocX. Support and Maintenance Renewals can be purchase at any time up to 12 months after the support expiry date. Renew early (no later than two months after support expiry) for a discount.

Note: this renewal applies only to single use or floating licenses and does not apply to Annual Group Licenses. To renew and keep your Annual Group License active, payment must be prior to the expiry date of your annual license.

Support is provided by eaDocX Ltd. and includes investigation of bugs, fixes, download of new versions, general product support, and advice on usage of the software product

Registered customers with active licenses will receive::

  • Unlimited access to product updates
  • Ticketed support for any issues that you may have with the product including specific issues in the use of the software or requests for feature enhancements

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